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Special Education: Learning Disabilities

This concentration is for teachers who are passionate about Special Education and seek more specialized training to help their diverse students with special needs. The Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities is designed to enhance educator knowledge in this specific area of special education. The program includes preparation in a selected area of special education through courses dealing with the nature of a specific disability and the related practica. Teachers who are pursuing this degree learn even more specialized intervention techniques and strategies to deal appropriately with children with special needs. The final practicum allows students to apply their skills and knowledge in a real-world setting.


Judy Stuart—Program Coordinator Special Ed

Course Requirements (33 Credits)


This concentration is for teachers who have already met South Carolina Department of Education requirements for certification in elementary education. Secondary teachers may also complete this program by completing a course in teaching mathematics at the elementary level.

To complete this program, students must show evidence of a passing score on the appropriate Praxis II exam.

Capstone Experience (3 credits)

*Must be the final course completed in the degree program.

Undergraduate Fifth-Year Program

Teacher-to-Teacher Courses (9 Credits)

The add-on certification master’s with this concentration is limited to the students completing the bachelor’s degree at Furman enrolled in the five-year extended program.