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Furman University’s Strategic Design Students Spotlight: Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail in One-Minute Commercial

In the dynamic world of strategic design, where creativity meets innovation, students of Furman University’s Master of Arts in Strategic Design program are pushing boundaries and reshaping narratives. Recently, three talented students, Anne Heaton Sanders, Elizabeth Hendrix, and Jordyn Atagi, took on an exciting project in their Verbal Narratives video production class, taught by Mary Sturgill and Ken Barbet. Their mission: create a captivating one-minute commercial for a client of their choice. The result was a breathtaking ode to the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, a beloved landmark in the heart of Greenville, South Carolina.

The students’ task in the Verbal Narratives class was straightforward but demanding: craft a concise and engaging commercial that encapsulated the essence of their chosen subject. Anne Heaton, Elizabeth, and Jordyn, recognizing the significance of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail, knew this was a no-brainer. This 22-mile-long greenway, known for its scenic beauty and community engagement, provided the perfect canvas for their creative vision.

The project saw the trio hitting the trail, camera in hand and drone in the sky, to document the spirit of the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail. Their choice of equipment allowed them to showcase the trail’s lush surroundings and local parks connected to the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The trail isn’t just a picturesque pathway; it’s a lifeline for the communities it touches, promoting mental, physical, and financial health. Anne Heaton, Elizabeth, and Jordyn understood this vital role and were determined to convey it through their lens.

With respect to working with a real client, Elizabeth Hendrix said, “I was pushed out of my comfort zone to take on a huge project for a real client. What is so special about Verbal Narratives is that it simulates real-world scenarios. I was able to see firsthand how to manage client relationships and collaborate with others. Knowing that all people have different communication styles and visualize in different ways is a great realization, which will help me be a better communicator in the long run.”

The heart of the video lay in the individuals who use the Swamp Rabbit Trail regularly. Local residents, avid trail enthusiasts, and dedicated advocates all came together to share their stories. A particularly touching moment featured participants holding empty picture frames, symbolizing their dreams for the future. This powerful imagery resonated with viewers, illustrating the trail’s capacity to help individuals “frame their future.”

With regard to the filmmaking process and working with people from the community, Jordyn Atagi said, “Film production has tedious parts, but capturing a moment and recognizing that it will be a key shot makes it all worth it. I loved being able to take these community members’ stories and piece them together in the best way possible. Greenville’s trail users, aka the ‘Swamp Rabbits,’ are amazing people and it was an honor to capture their stories.”

In their caption, the talented trio shared their sentiments about the project: “The Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail supports Greenville and surrounding communities in mental, physical, and financial health. As Furman Masters students, we were honored to capture the beautiful scenes and stories on the trail. We are proud to present this video and even more proud to be Swamp Rabbits. Presented by: Anne Heaton Sanders, Elizabeth Hendrix, and Jordyn Atagi.”

Anne Heaton, Elizabeth, and Jordyn’s masterful one-minute commercial for the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail is a testament to the power of strategic design in telling meaningful stories. It’s a shining example of how Furman University’s Master of Arts in Strategic Design program empowers students to leverage their creative skills for positive change, making them proud Swamp Rabbits indeed.

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