Joseph Vaughn Statue


‘Welcoming Everyone, as Joe Would Have Done’

On April 16, the Furman community unveiled the statue of Joseph Vaughn ’68, honoring his profound legacy and sending a message of belonging to all.

The courage of Sarah Reese ’71 H ’14 would lift generations. Her brilliance would span continents.

Can you design a great football player? For Tony Caterisano, 29 years of player data offer a blueprint.

Walk outside and listen. What do you hear?

How Thomas Rain Crowe ’72, one of Furman’s greatest literary forces, found his voice.

Mr. and Mrs. Lanier

Around the Lake

‘Global, Substantive Change’ Starts Here

James A. Lanier Jr. ’79 and Mary Anne Anderson Lanier ’79 make a new $1 million commitment to Furman.

We’re coming together to reach out to the world.

As you read this, it is about two months after the 20th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11.

Professors revisit what it’s like to be new at something, essentially, to be students again.

Robert ’11 and Suzanne Clark Stearns ’11  recount the story of their engagement.

Whether you’ve been away for just a few months or countless years, Greenville offers a lot of fun to catch up on as you return to the places you love. From visiting your favorite haunts to discovering what’s new, here are some ways to embrace the vibrant character of Furman’s home. Read more.

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Playing sports during the “wrong” season was just the beginning of an unprecedented year.

Gabbi Jennings ’20 and Ryan Adams ’20 are starting their careers in professional running.

Furman’s Julia Adams ’22 and Katarina Kozarov ’21 defeated 11th-ranked Ally Bojczuk and Julia Lilien of Notre Dame, 7-6(6), 6-3.

Paula DeCesaris

Class Notes

An Engineer On the Frontier

Paula DeCesaris ’96 is part of the effort that will land the first woman on the moon and send us to Mars.

Time travel, a mother’s haunting words, food and inequality, and a new life in a new land.

Andrew Kurtz ’87 takes on the “how” and “why” of business as he helps shape the area’s tech sector.

Football gatherings, Serenity Sunday, move-in day and FAN Club fun.