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Masking Guidelines

Students, faculty, staff and campus visitors are expected to follow these guidelines for masking indoors on campus.

Masking guidelines

Face coverings protect others from infectious droplets that are released from your nose and mouth. Cloth face coverings should include at least two layers of fabric that fully cover the nose and mouth, and fit snugly and comfortably against the side of the face. In general, face shields are not acceptable as a replacement for face coverings for general campus use.

See this Masking flowchart to help better understand these protocols.

Masking is REQUIRED (regardless of vaccination status):

  • in all academic buildings and academic settings (the exception is when faculty and staff are alone in their assigned office/space, and the door may be open or closed);
  • in the libraries, except when in study rooms alone;
  • when traveling in vehicles together on or off campus for university-sponsored purposes;
  • at university-sponsored, indoor events with more than 50 individuals in attendance;
  • in the PAC fitness center on Mon-Fri, 7 a.m.-4 p.m.;
  • of all Admissions tour participants when indoors in any building; and
  • of unvaccinated vendors and contractors when indoors in any building.

Masking is NOT REQUIRED:

  • in non-academic buildings (e.g., Trone, Younts, Dining Hall);
  • in campus housing;
  • in the PAC fitness center after 4 p.m. on Mon.-Fri. and on weekends; and
  • outdoors.

Faculty and staff may not ask students about their vaccination status, and may not require more stringent safety measures from unvaccinated students or treat students differently based on vaccination status.

Supervisors may not ask employees about their vaccination status. Please remember that there are a number of reasons that an employee may choose not to be vaccinated. Employees must be treated equally, regardless of vaccination status. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Human Resources.

We are supportive of members of our community who choose to continue to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. Individuals who choose to wear masks should not be questioned about them, nor should they be discouraged or prohibited from wearing them. It should not be assumed that these individuals are not vaccinated.

Staff may require that students and colleagues wear a mask when entering their office, and we must all commit to respecting and complying with such requests. Staff are encouraged to print and post the appropriate sign on their door. The mask requirement must be observed in faculty and staff offices in academic buildings unless the faculty or staff member is alone in their own office, with their door either open or closed.

Meetings in offices and staff meetings

In-person meetings for which attendance is required must either provide 6 feet of physical distancing, require masking, or provide a virtual option for employees who feel safer participating virtually from their office/work area. If physical distancing for the meeting is possible and maintained, employees are expected to attend in person (recognizing any employee may also choose to mask at their own discretion).

In other circumstances, faculty and staff may also choose to meet virtually from their office/work area, outdoors, or in a larger space with students or colleagues, especially if their office does not allow for physical distancing (6 feet).

A close contact is defined as exposure within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour window, within 48 hours prior to symptom onset or a positive test. Individuals participating in meetings that are physically distanced are not considered close contacts regardless of mask or vaccination status.

The university will closely monitor the evolving circumstances related to COVID-19, along with rapidly developing scientific knowledge and medical resources, to determine the appropriateness for adjustments and contingencies. For general questions, please email furman.focused@furman.edu