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All students are required to consult with their academic advisors every term before they start the registration process. Students will be assigned a time and date when their opportunity to register begins, consistent with their priority group. Please read carefully to understand your responsibilities throughout the process.

Instructions to Register for Classes

To register for classes, you will need to:

  1. Log in to the MyFurman portal.
  2. Use the Academic menu to review your degree checklist, the unofficial course transcripts and the CLP transcripts on file for you.
  3. Use the Registration menu to browse the course listings and check your registration priority status before you meet with your advisor.

The course section tools to add (shopping cart) and to register (check out) for a course are available in the MyFurman portal, and in the Registration menu. Each screen will provide an explicit set of instructions about how to make it work. Again, you are required to meet with your academic advisor prior to registering, so prepare accordingly.

Be aware that you may not be permitted to participate in the registration process or you may be dis-enrolled from courses if you have outstanding obligations, financial or otherwise, to the university.


Course Load

A normal course load each semester will be 16 credits; a typical student course load will consist of 4 four-credit courses. The minimum number of credits required for the award of a bachelor’s degree will still be 128 credits, eight semesters earning 16 credits each semester. After all students have had their first opportunity to register for the next semester, students in good academic standing who have already completed 32 credits are permitted to increase their course load up to 18 credits during the drop-add period. Students with a grade point average of 3.30 or greater will be able to enroll for up to 20 credits at this point.

Students seeking to audit a course, enrolling for a credit-bearing course on a non-credit basis, may do so by submitting a completed audit request. Again, this may be accomplished only after all students have had their first opportunity to register for the next semester.

If you are enrolled for fewer than 12 credits in a semester, you will not be considered a full-time student. We strongly suggest you consult with your advisor and Enrollment Services if this is your intention for any semester. Underloading may impact your financial aid eligibility, your progress toward degree completion, your participation in co-curricular activities (especially intercollegiate athletics) at Furman and may even affect interests outside of the university, such as your health insurance coverage.

Pass-No Pass

You may elect a pass-no pass grading option for selected courses you have already registered (and even completed) that will be used to fulfill a general education requirement or are not offered in a department where you have declared a major field of study, consistent with the pass-no pass policy as stated in the university catalog.

Visit our Forms and Worksheets to get a request or stop by Enrollment Services to learn more about this option.

Individualized Instruction

Internships, Independent Study, and Research opportunities offered on a “for-credit” basis are available in many academic departments each term. Consult with the department of interest to determine your eligibility for this type of instruction and identify a faculty member to supervise your internship, independent study, or research experience.

You may register this type of instruction (typically courses numbered 500 through 599) at any time once the registration process for the desired term has begun. Obtain an individualized instruction approval form from Enrollment Services, finalize details with the appropriate academic department and supervising faculty member, and return the completed request to our office prior to the conclusion of drop-add.

Be mindful, no more than 12 credits earned through individualized instruction may contribute to the 128 credits required for the award of the bachelor’s degree at Furman.


All students may use MyFurman to build and adjust their course schedules as they see fit during designated periods displayed on The registration period for the spring semester begins each year in late October and for the fall semester in late March with staggered start times for all returning students.

The web drop-add period is available for web-based transactions for first five percent (four class days) of the semester. Restricted drop-add by paper follows for an additional ten percent of the semester (seven class days). During restricted drop-add you will need specific approval from the instructor to be registered for a course. You should always consult with your academic advisor before making any changes to your schedule.

Adding Courses

In order to add courses to your schedule, you will first need to log into the MyFurman portal. Need to find a course, use the “Course Listings” option under the “Registration” heading to identify the information about a course, including the course number and the seats available. Found the class? Select the “Course Section to Add” option under the same heading to get registered.

On the “Course Sections to Add” page, you need to fill in the Subject, Course Number, Section Number (including leading zero), and the term for which you are registering and hit the submit button.

After submitting the form, you will be directed to the processing page, where you can add the course to your schedules. If for any reason you are not redirected, you can access this page directly by selecting “Register for Courses” under the “Registration” heading in MyFurman.

Select an action for each course under the “Preferred Sections” portion. Select “Register” from the “Action” drop-down menu, and be sure to click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

As long as no issues are encountered, the course section has been added to your schedule, and will appear under the “Current Registrations” list at the bottom of the page. Issues preventing your registration are described in error messages appearing at the top of the page in red text.

If your registration is prevented through web drop-add (such as instructor permission required, time conflict, the course is full, etc.), use a paper drop-add request to get registered. Once you have obtained your advisor and the instructor’s signature on the drop-add request, bring the request to Enrollment Services and we’ll get you added.

Dropping Courses

Select “Register for Courses” under the “Registration” heading – the same page as processing the addition of a new course. In fact, you can do both steps at the same time!

To drop a course, all you do is check the box under the “Drop” heading next to the course you wish to remove. After selecting, submit and it will no longer be on your schedule.

If you wish to drop and add courses at the same time, be sure to choose the “Allow me to adjust all” from the “If one of my choices is not available” menu towards the bottom of the screen.

Restricted Drop-Add

After the web-based drop-add period is over, use the paper drop-add request to adjust your schedule. During this time, you will need to secure specific approval from the instructor to be registered for any course section. Be sure to get both the instructor and your advisor’s signature on the request, visit Enrollment Services and we’ll get the changes made.