Dining hall from rear

Meal Plans

All residential students, including those housed at the Vinings, are required to have a meal plan. Commuting students may choose any meal plan, but are not required to have one.

Meal plan selection form.

Meal Plan Options

Dining Hall Meals Food Points Semester Rate Annual Rate
Unlimited Meals + 5 Guest Meals $300 $2,951.00 $5,902.00
190 Meals per semester + 15 Guest Meals $350 $2,539.00 $5,078.00
160 Meals per semester + 15 Guest Meals $400 $2,306.00 $4,612.00
90 Meals per semester  + 10 Guest Meals $425 $1,557.00 $3,114.00
75 Meals per semester + 5 Guest Meals $450 $1,377.00 $2,754.00

Meal Plan Pre-Assignments and Available Options by Class Standing

Meal Plan Pre-Assignment Meal Plan Options
First Year Student Unlimited Plan Unlimited Plan (required)
Second Year Student 190 meals per semester Unlimited Plan, 190 meals, 160 meals
Third Year Student 160 meals per semester Unlimited Plan, 190 meals, 160 meals, 90 meals
Fourth Year Student 160 meals per semester Unlimited Plan, 190 meals, 160 meals, 90 meals, 75 meals

All students housed in the Vinings must select a plan of 75 meals or greater.

Initial Meal Plan Selection

Initial meal plan selection for students begins in mid-March each academic year for the following academic year. Students wishing to change their meal plan pre-assignment should log in to their MyFurman account, click “Housing and Meal Plan”, “meal plan selection” and choose the meal plan which best suits you.

Meal Plan Changes

Change requests can only be executed during the first four class days of the semester. After this date, no changes can be made for the current semester.

Meal Plan Continuity

Meal plan assignments for the fall semester are continued into the spring semester unless we are notified and directed otherwise. Unused food points convert from fall to spring semester for students with an active meal plan. Meal plans canceled during the academic year forfeit any unused food points. At the end of spring semester, unused food points and meals terminate. They are not refundable nor are they transferable to the new academic year.

Enrollment Services will cancel the meal plan for students who are participating in a travel study or an off-campus program requiring them to be away from campus the entire semester.