Awards & Grants

Meritorious Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards

The Meritorious Awards for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for faculty and staff were commissioned by President Elizabeth Davis in 2016. In 2020, the faculty Meritorious Award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was renamed the Dr. Cherie Maiden Invitational Award in honor of one of the first and longest-tenured African-American professors at Furman. The Maiden Invitational Award was historically presented in a ceremony hosted by Furman’s multicultural office prior to the adoption of a university-wide awards program for students.

Since 2004, the Rosa Bodkin Award has recognized students for promoting understanding, awareness, and appreciation of persons of diverse backgrounds. The award was historically presented at the university-wide awards program for students before being elevated to a presidentially recognized award in 2018.

All award recipients must demonstrate an emerging or sustained commitment to advancing Furman’s value of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism. The recipients will receive a certificate and monetary award and will be acknowledged at Fall Convocation. Read the award criteria.

The 2018-2019 Meritorious Awards for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion were presented to Claire Whitlinger, an assistant professor of sociology, and Emilee O’Brien ’17, a Post-Baccalaureate Fellow for Social Justice and Community-Engaged Learning through the Center for Inclusive Communities. The Rosa  Bodkin Award was presented to Erik Ortiz class of 2020. Read the press release.

The 2017-2018 Meritorious Awards for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion were presented to Scott Salzman, a member of the library faculty, and Allyson Brown, associate director for multicultural recruitment. Read the press release.

The 2016-2017 Meritorious Awards for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion were presented to Akan Malici, associate professor of politics and international Affairs, and Mike Winiski, interim executive director of community-engaged learning. Read the press release.

The recipients of the 2015-2016 inaugural awards were Dr. Steve O’Neill, professor of history; Carol Hagood, assistant director at the Center for Academic Success; and 2016 Furman graduate Liza Veilleux of Charlotte, N.C. Read the press release.

Diversity and Inclusion Mini-Grants

Interested in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at Furman University? Do you have an idea that will further the Diversity Vision of Furman? If so, learn how to apply for a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mini-Grant.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mini-Grant Recipients

Mini-Grant Recipients 2020-2021

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mini-grant program was not available for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Awards and Grants sub-committee was able to award one new mini-grant deferred from the 2019-2020 academic year for a virtual event entitled, “Policing Black Bodies: Meet the Authors.”

Mini-Grant Recipients 2019-2020

Received twenty-five applications for mini-grants and awarded $5,399.08. The mini-grant program is designed to promote and enhance one or more diversity themes, including climate, access, education, policy and assessment.This year, mini-grant funds supported:

  • Supporting Neurodiversity
  • Contributing a Community Reception for Joseph Vaughn Day
  • Enhancing LGBTQ Support
  • Pathways to Education Careers for a Diverse Nation
  • Developing Culturally Unique Messaging for Students of Color Around the Concept of Failure & Resiliency
  • Chinese New Year Festival
  • Empowered Employment: Finding Your Voice
  • Jewish Week
  • Faculty Funding for Completion of Quality Matters Digital Accessibility Course: Addressing Accessibility and Usability
Mini-Grant Recipients 2018-2019

Received nine applications for mini-grants and awarded $5,400. The mini-grant program is designed to promote and enhance one or more diversity themes, including climate, access, education, policy, and assessment. This year, mini-grant funds supported:

  • Building the clarinet studio music library by purchasing musical scores and relevant materials to study interpretation of contemporary world music.
  • The Riley Institute’s Emerging Public Leaders program for high school students.
  • Training for Bridges to a Brighter Future’s peer mentors.
  • Filming the stories of Furman’s religious minority students and alumni by the Office of Spiritual Life.
  • Initiating the Paladin Conversation Partners to promote language practice between non-English speaking and English speaking individuals.
  • Photoshoot supplies for a new LGBTQ+ Furman website, “Out at Furman,” which launched here.
  • Presenting the film, “In Search of Israeli Cuisine,” which was a joint effort between the Jewish Student Association, Culinary Club, Department of Middle East and Islamic Studies, Office of Spiritual Life, and the Greenville Jewish Film Festival.
  • The Riley Institute’s Advance Team hosting Ray Hinton who shared his experience in the criminal justice system and his efforts to bring about reform.
Mini-Grant Recipients 2017-2018

St. Anthony’s School Education and Mentoring Program
Thomas Gaudin
Expanded an existing service project with the Afterschool Program at St. Anthony of Padua School

“Diversity According to Family Guy and South Park” by Matt Glowacki
Melissa Nichols and Michael Jennings
A CLP on the diversity of ability

Fruitvale Station: Film Screening and Faculty Panel
Melissa Nichols and Michael Jennings
An evening program for the Furman community

The Abraham Project Internship
Brandon Inabinet
Support for initiatives of the Task Force on Slavery & Justice

Smart Pen Lending Program
Judy Bagley and Jessica Lane
Notetaking support for students with documented disabilities

Community Outreach: Using Children’s Literature as Windows, Mirrors, and Doors
Katie Kelly
Textbook support for local elementary teachers

Native American and and First national Cultures and World Views
Sofia Kearns and Helen Lee Turner
Support for a CLP lecture by Native Americans

Diversifying OLLI Membership: Supporting Furman University’s Outreach Initiatives
Nancy Kennedy and Michael Murphy
Broadening the appeal of OLLI membership in the Greenville community

Mini-Grant Recipients 2016-2017

Emerging Public Leaders
Riley Institute – Melanie Armstrong, Jacki Martin, and Don Gordon
Assist with funding of stipends for Emerging Public Leaders initiative, which has a curriculum focused on leadership and diversity for low-income students in South Carolina.

Holidays at Furman – Creating a More Religiously Inclusive Environment
History and Religion Departments – Hilary Kalisman, Alfons Teipen, and Lisa Knight
Purchase of items and materials needed for celebrating religious holidays.

Improving the Health of Racial & Ethnic Minority Populations CLP
Health Science Majors Club – Mikey Negrete, Emily Gale, and Haley Holan
Assist with funding a speaker who addresses health disparities and ways to work toward the elimination of those disparities.

Literacy Corner
Education Department – Katie Kelly and Erikah Haavie
Assist with funding a four-week program improving literacy among low-income, at-risk students ages 6-14 in the local community.

STEM Exposure Program
Dean Bailey & Casey Hawthorne
Purchase supplies and assist with transport costs to allow Bridges to a Brighter Future participants to work with math and science majors.

Understanding Multicultural Affinity Groups and Reunions
Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement – Leo Fackler and Mariel Calhoun
Assist with funding focus groups with multicultural alumni to better understand needs related to affinity and on-campus reunions.

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Retreat
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies – Tami Blumenfield and Sofia Kearns
Purchase of supplies needed for a retreat involving faculty and students in roundtable discussion.

Mini-Grant Recipients 2015-2016

Latino Newspaper
Principal Investigator: Beth Crews, Undergraduate Evening Studies
The mini-grant was used to improve access to the Furman education that meets the needs of working adults in the community, affordably and conveniently.

Crossing Cultures with Competence

Principal Investigator: Chrissy McCrary, Study Away and International Education

The mini-grant was used to help domestic students better understand the factors to consider when pairing with an international student such as cultural background, education abroad, policies and climate.

Lunch with Students part of Mosaic

Principal Investigator: Onyx Henry, Faculty Modern Languages and Literatures

The mini-grant was used to improve access to prospective students who are underrepresented at Furman and ask questions about Furman’s climate.

Training for Bridges to a Brighter Future Counselors and Staff

Principal Investigator: Pam Davis, Director of Bridges to a Brighter Future

The mini-grant was used to improve the climate at Furman University for low-income students in Greenville County who are first generation college students and improve access to opportunities.

Berea Soccer Media

Principal Investigator: Sergio Lopez Cuevas, Student in Communication Studies

The mini-grant was used to improve access to the Furman education among local high school students in the local Berea neighborhood.

Shucker Center for Leadership and Development Awards

The Shucker Center for Leadership and Development and the Division of Student Life recognizes students who have advanced Furman’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and multiculturalism. The awards for this recognition include the Rosa Mary Bodkin Award, the Joseph Vaughn Award, and the Lillian Brock Flemming Award. See the award descriptions and latest recipients.