Furman Alternative Breaks (FAB) aim to provide an experience that transforms students’ understanding of community, sustainable partnership, and various social issues. Students who participate in FAB trips will serve the communities they visit, while analyzing their role in the world from multiple perspectives, fostering active citizenship.

The student-led model is the foundation of the program. Two student Trip Leaders coordinate daily logistics of each trip, budget for all weekly meals and expenses, and facilitate reflection. Trip Leaders facilitate the day to day operations of FAB trips with up to 10 other peer participants. Programs are open to all undergraduate students regardless of major, concentration, or GPA.

Due to COVID-19, we will not be offering FAB trips during the 2020-2021 academic year.

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2020 Furman Alternative Break trips

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All scholarship applications can be found on SyncDIN. The "Spring Mover & Shaker" scholarship is available for student prior to spring break trips!

Our Impact:

“We got frustrated together, we got upset together, we found peace together, and we dialogued A LOT together. The important thing was that we did it together. I got to meet so many people who I may not have crossed paths with otherwise at Furman, and now we have amazing, deep relationships that will last beyond our time at Furman. FAB is about learning about the topic, yes, but it is also learning about yourself, learning about other people, learning about yourself in the context of a larger society, and forming relationships with other Furman students and with the community in which you immersed yourself for the week.”

“I was most looking forward to seeing applications of my class work in the Greenville community, but ultimately I gained the most from our debriefs each night as I interacted with a diverse collection of people. I was challenged not only to consider others’ worldview and backgrounds, but even more so to consider my own opinions on controversial matters. It was healthy and so beneficial for my own personal growth to challenge my existing ways of thinking but also to be comfortable disagreeing with people, because that is something I’m often very hesitant to do.”

“Thanks to FAB, I now volunteer at the Greenville Free Dental Clinic wherein the majority of our patients are low income. I am able to connect to them on a new scale, despite our differences, as I have studied some of the issues they face. I have even talked to one of my patients about her difficulty with the Green Link Bus Transportation System! I am glad I can now connect with my patients on a deeper level as I know how hard the barriers are to overcome. FAB has encouraged me to join the movement in removing these barriers.

“DEFINITELY continue to let students travel as a group without faculty/staff/etc. It fostered an amazing group dynamic and really empowered everyone to be their own leader, it brought us much closer together, and really made the experience more meaningful because it was driven by us.

For more information email Morgan Danyi.