Students sitting in the woods on a hiking trail.

Reflective Hikes

The Center often facilitates reflective day hikes for students. These hikes provide students with the opportunity to get away from day-to-day routine and activity and focus on contemplation and reflection in a beautiful outdoor setting.

In the past, reflective hikes have been to places such as Table Rock State Park. Typically, students meet on campus with Center staff and carpool to the hike location. Before the hike, students are provided a reading or something to ponder during the day hike. The group hikes to a destination (top of the mountain, overlook, waterfall, etc.) as a group, in silence, to attune their senses to the natural world around them and provide space for clarity and focus. Once at the “destination,” the group picnics and shares in conversation, before returning back to the starting point and returning to campus.

Students often remark that these hikes are well-needed opportunities for outdoor engagement, reflection, and focus.