Healthcare Experiences

Developing an Experience

If you have a particular location or organization that you would like to work with, our office can help you design a health care-related experience that meets the requirements of a health professional program or school. Here are some general guidelines to get you started.

Identify organizations that interest you
  • Contact local health care professionals in your hometown to inquire about programs for undergraduates.
  • Compile a list of physicians and health care practitioners of whom you, your family, or your friends may be patients or may know personally.
  • Research possible experiences by reading online patient reviews and asking your network of family and friends for recommendations.
Define your goals and objectives for the experience
  • Keep in mind the health career you wish to pursue, or if you are unsure, the health careers you might wish to explore.
  • Set concrete goals to achieve, such as the number of hours you would like to obtain.
  • Determine the setting you wish to work in (clinical or non-clinical).
Create a resume and cover letter
  • In your resume, describe relevant skills and coursework.
  • In your cover letter, state goals and objectives.
  • If you need assistance with your resume or cover letter contact the Malone Career Center in the Trone Student Center.
Deliver your information
  • Deliver all credentials in person.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Obtain a contact name for a follow up.
  • Wait at least one week before making a follow up phone call.

Greenville Health System Internship

Mahmood Syed participated in an internship with the Greenville Health System.

Need Help?

Still need help coordinating an experience? Start by completing our Health Care and Clinical Experiences Interest Form.