Greenville Heath System

Educational and Research Programs

Medical Experience Academy (MedEx)

MedEx Academy is a four-tiered program with an innovative approach to building the healthcare workforce. MedEx offers students interested in a health-related career a patient-centered experience with opportunities to develop research proposals, volunteer, and explore a variety of health career options. Students also participate in career assessments and medical school admissions counseling to guide their career choices. As the first undergraduate school to participate in MedEx, Furman encourages students to apply for tiers two, three and four of the program. Learn how to become a part of the Medical Experience Academy.

Medical Ethics and Sociology (Medicine Program)

The Medicine Program opens students’ eyes to the ethical and sociological challenges of working in the medical field. Participating students will observe professionals from various departments in the Greenville Health System, including psychiatric facilities and nursing homes. This competitive program is offered to 25 students every other fall semester. Participating students will receive course credit for PHL 302: Medical Ethics, SOC 234: Medical Sociology, and IDS 301: Fieldwork in Medicine.

Department: Philosophy and Sociology
Program Coordinators: Carmela Epright and Kristy Maher

Exploration of Vocational Ministry Internship

Coordinated by the Chaplaincy at Furman, this internship allows students participating in the vocational ministry program to observe a Greenville Health System chaplain.

Department: Chaplain’s Office
Program Coordinator: Vaughn Crowe-Tipton and Susan Bennett

Medical Legal Partnership

This course familiarizes Pre-Law, Pre-Health and Poverty Studies students with Medical Legal Partnerships in preparation for internships. It entails intensive coursework and extensive fieldwork in medical and legal settings in Greenville County. May Experience only.

Department: Poverty Studies
Program Coordinator: David Gandolfo

Medical Spanish

This course is an introduction to the specialized vocabulary of health care professions taking a medical history; conducting a physical exam; and discussing pharmaceuticals, nutrition and various infirmities. Cultural topics will also be covered. Students will spend two weeks in the classroom, then spend the final week shadowing interpreters in a health care setting in the Greenville community. Daily instruction in Spanish. Invited speakers may use either Spanish or English or both. May Experience only.

Department: Modern Languages and Literatures
Program Coordinator: Maria Rippon



Internships at the Greenville Health System range from observational experiences in physical therapy to interning with the GHS Business Health Office. All Furman opportunities at GHS are listed on the Paladins at GHS website. In order to gain access to this website, start by completing our Health Care and Clinical Experiences Interest Form.