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Undergraduate Education

While at Furman, students will connect to a vital network of campus, community and alumni experts and mentors that help them to prepare for and contribute to the world beyond Furman and open up a wider array of career opportunities. The IACH works closely with the Office of Health Careers Advising, Health Sciences and other academic departments to identify ways to enhance and improve the educational experience of the next generation of health care providers. As students are learning, the faculty and community partners also will grow their understanding through exposure to new perspectives, research, and project outcomes.

Greenville Health System

By working with one of the largest health systems in the Southeast, our students are exposed to dozens of programs and internships in clinical and non-clinical settings.

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Heathcare Experiences

Health care experiences help students to gain confidence and begin to develop the interpersonal and intrapersonal competencies that will contribute to their success in graduate school and beyond.

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