Don’t have time to work out with our personal trainers or exercise groups? No problem. You can always work out on your own at the Physical Activities Center. Whether you’re looking to build more muscle or get your heart rate pumping, we have designed a number of workout routines that you can use in our fitness center. Choose the best program for you.

Aerobic Exercises

When you’re using one of our bicycles, elliptical machines, treadmills or rowing machines, you don’t have to follow the same routine. There are a number of ways to mix up your workout, no matter what machine you’re on. Download our aerobic exercises as a PDF.

Resistant Training Exercises

Not sure where to begin your weightlifting routine? We can help. Choose any of our resistance training exercises for a complete workout.

Flexibility Exercises

Seeking more flexibility? From lower back to hamstring stretches, we’ve designed a number of exercises to stretch your muscles. Download our flexibility exercises as a PDF.