Furman’s Challenge Course consists of a series of outdoor physical and mental challenges, non-competitive games and problem-solving adventures, generally performed on low and high-ropes elements. To undertake and successfully meet these challenges, each team member must demonstrate mutual respect and trust, clear thinking, open communication, planned experimentation, and other team interactions. The result is a substantial boost in group cooperation and performance.

How Will Your Group Benefit?

The Challenge Course is a sequence of increasingly complex and challenging activities designed to increase individual and group knowledge. Teams address issues such as control, communication, conflict, authority, and individual listening skills in a nonjudgmental way. Confronting such issues allows team members to identify the barriers that inhibit performance and explore solutions that enhance productivity. The Challenge Course is all about people, energy, action, and knowledge. We take your people, pump up their energy level, and spur them on to action. By challenging them, we increase their knowledge of themselves and of the team. In the process, we emphasize the importance of team synergy – and having fun. Program Options Include:

  • Team Energizer: This three-hour program jumpstarts your organization by accelerating the process of team bonding through outdoor games, problem-solving initiatives and the low elements of the ropes course.
  • Breakthrough: Designed to meet your group’s specific needs, this full-day program incorporates basic outdoor training experiences, including both low and high elements of the ropes course, as well as all the components of the Team Energizer program. Custom-designed for each group, the Breakthrough program is typically a 6-7 hour experience and includes lunch.
  • Indoor or On-Location Team Building: Groups who prefer a shorter team building experience and an indoor environment may choose this option. One to three-hour programs are available and may be combined with additional meeting space reservations and catered meals for an additional charge.

Facts About Furman’s Challenge Course

  • The Challenge Course on campus was built by Project Adventure and is inspected annually.
  • Two high ropes elements, 9 low ropes elements and hundreds of “ice-breaker” and problem-solving initiative activities.
  • High ropes are activities that are 10 feet above ground or higher.
  • Great for Sports Teams, Corporate training, Clubs, Church groups, etc.