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Why I Chose Furman – A Look Into Greek Life

Last updated November 10, 2023

By Edward Nogas


One of my biggest fears when coming into Furman was that I wouldn’t be able to find a group of people that I would be able to get close with or feel comfortable around. That changed very quickly once I started surrounding myself with people who were apart of Greek Life. Something that a small school like Furman does well, is that they offer the same if not more of what big schools do. One of those things is fraternities and sororities.

Why Greek Life?

Furman has 13 active fraternities and sororities with around 780 total members (~36% of the student population). Each respected organization is self-governed and works closely with the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council. Every organization hold similar values with leadership, scholarship, service, social life, and even alumni networking. Each organization holds standards socially and academically to ensure every member is succeeding in their own ways. Every semester they each hold small philanthropy events around campus to raise money for each of their selected charities. The fraternity I am apert of, Beta Theta Pi, raised over $450 within 2 hours which not only shows the dedication of the people donating, but the dedication each member put in to reach the number we did.

When I was in the process of selecting the fraternity, I made sure to spend time with as many people as I could from each different one. Finding the right group of people is challenging, but once you find them it feels so rewarding. Once I officially became a member, I could already tell that my time so far here at Furman has been worth it. Every fraternity and sorority have their own groups of people that function differently than the others, which is what made it so easy for me to decide I wanted to join Greek life.

Not only are fraternities and sororities providing entertainment and enjoyment to the school, they also provide many strong networks once you graduate. Furman helps with post-college work life, and so do the organizations apart of greek life. Many alumni of Furman, and other universities, were a part of greek life. Through the networks you make in greek life you’re able to find connections and opportunities you may not have been offered or seen before.

I know going through the college application process may be rigorous, but once you find the place you belong it will all Geel worth it. Good luck on your applications!

– Andy