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Why Furman, My Story


One of the best things that has ever happened to me has been becoming apart of Furman. Not only do you feel valued here, but you also have a sense of pride and belonging. My journey to Furman was not what I expected it to be, however I’m so glad I ended up here. Furman is just north of Greenville, South Carolina just outside the Appalachian Mountains. The surrounding areas of Furman provide so much, not only for the student body but for personal pleasure and joy. Furman’s campus has more than anything you could ask for, from excellent dining hall food to people from every

corner of the country and the world.

Why I Came

Furman’s surrounding area is covered with forestry and beautiful views. Paris Mountain, which is one of my all-time favorite places, is not even a 5-minute drive away. This 15-minute mountain road trip, with a bird’s eye view of Greenville and Travelers Rest, has been my favorite thing I’ve found off Furman’s campus. If I ever feel like schoolwork is ever stressing me out or I just need to clear my head, I will head to my car and queue a couple of my favorite songs and drive. The views at the top are perfect and right at the bottom is the Cookout and Five Guys, which in my opinion are the best study snacks.

The Furman Dining Hall does one of the best jobs of keeping over 2500 people well-fed and happy. Ranging from salads, burgers, and pasta to make your own stir fry and so many more variety of ever-changing food options are at your disposal. With roughly 7 different stations within the dining hall, you can practically never get bored of what you’re eating. If you ever do get bored of what you’re eating, you can head to the Pala-Den. This on campus food court offers Chick-Fil-A, Moe’s, Sushi with Gusto (Sushi, Ramen, Poke, and so much more, and our on-campus restaurant The Paddock. The Paddock offers burgers, chicken fingers, custom salads and so many more delicious meals. Having all these extra dining options is super comforting knowing you won’t have to go off-campus and spend your own money.

Every single person I have had the pleasure of calling a friend here at Furman, has treated me like a part of their family. People at Furman know how to treat people with respect and just be nice. With stressful academics and personal issues, people here will have your back no matter what. As much as they want to succeed, they want to see you surpass their expectations also. With the resources Furman offers and the friends you have, you will be challenged by them to seek help and make yourself better, which might be my favorite thing about my friends. Every person here succeeds, with or without help, Furman’s students excel in academics and social life.

More To Come

Even though I am almost halfway done with my Furman journey, I know I have so much more to accomplish, so many more people to meet, and so much more to eat. With the college application process slowly coming to an end, I hope these posts have helped you learn not only more about Furman, but the people here. Good luck with your applications and hope to see you guys in the fall!

— Andy