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Personalized Four-Year Pathway to Graduation

Last updated April 14, 2023

By Web Admin

 Furman has a unique approach to undergraduate education, known as the “Furman Advantage”. It has had a significant impact on students attending, as it is designed to help students achieve success in their personal and professional lives by providing us with a combination of academic, professional, and social opportunities. The Furman Advantage consists of a four-year personalized pathway to graduation, high impact engaged learning through research, internships, and study away, with a team of advisors, mentors, and institutes to assist you on this path.

The Academic and Career Planning aspect has helped me develop skills and knowledge that has refined what I want to do post-graduation. The Malone Center for Career Engagement is in Trone Student Center and offers programs and workshops that focus on career exploration, professional development, job searching, and graduate program searching. They also help students write resumes and cover letters, create a LinkedIn profile, and advance their networking skills. I used the Center to help find internships, prepare for interviews, and connect with older alumni in the Greenville area. I applaud them for the great tips and tricks to be a successful interviewee that they provided.

The impact of the Furman Advantage on students attending has been significant. According to a survey conducted by the institution, 95% of students who participated in the Engaged Learning Program felt that it helped them develop strong interpersonal skills. 90% of students felt that it helped them build a stronger sense of community on campus. Similarly, 94% of students who participated in the Academic and Career Planning Program felt that it helped them develop skills and knowledge they needed to succeed in their chosen careers. Perhaps, the most significant impact has been on post-graduate success of students. 99% of the class of 2022 are employed or pursued further education within six months of graduation. This is significantly higher than the national average for college graduates, which is around 80%. Furman attributes this success to a combination of academic rigor, learning opportunities, and professional development provided by the Furman Advantage. Click here to read more about where students end up after graduation! Click here to read more about Claire’s experience with the Furman Advantage.

Furthermore, on April 14th-16th 2023, the 15th annual Furman Engaged will take place. Furman Engaged is a day when students get to share the opportunities that The Furman Advantage has granted them over the past year of study. It is an entire day when students present on research, internships, and study away opportunities. Click here to read about Logan’s experience!

-Justin Perez ’23