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Nudrat’s Fresh Start

Hey guys!! I am one of your Social Media Interns for this new semester. My name is Nudrat Nawar, and I am currently a sophomore (Yay 2022!!-so close) at Furman University. I am from a small town called Orangeburg, SC, aka the original “The Burg,” and before that I lived in Bangladesh where I was born and raised in a Happy Big Family.

Why I chose Furman?

Compared to my High School, Furman is considered a really big school. I did not want to have a college experience where I was considered a number instead of a person. Even though many of the professors have about 80 to 100 students per day for different classes combined together. Furman professor still care about you individually and are there for you whenever you need help. My professors have been always supportive and understanding about my learning skills and decisions.

My biggest class consisted of about 24 students, but my professors have gotten the time to accommodate to students needs. Alongside, the staff members in the building also care about you. If you have not met “Gramma” (all of our favorite lunch lady), I advise you to do so! She is an example of why I chose Furman. Because I remember when I came to Furman for a showcase Saturday, and the way she took care of what I should exemplified my need to come to this school.

Another main reason why I chose Furman was because it reminded me of my home in Bangladesh. Many other students hate the rainy times on campus, but I beg to differ mainly if you have an umbrella. It always rained in Bangladesh and it is one of my fondest memory from back home. The trees were green. The red brick buildings. The cloudy weather-not too hot and not too cold. Furman had exactly the same feeling that got me motivated to come here.

Furman also provided me with a big family of my own! I am part of organizations where I have learned to cultivate friendships and relationships. I am part of group called Furman University International Student Association (FUISA) where we have many students of diverse backgrounds who represent many countries. Majority of the time you will see us in the FUISA Fashion show and the FUISA International Dance Fest. Every year I have been a part of the program, we have had a full house. As much as it is mesmerizing on the outside for students, it is even better behind the scenes.

I am also involved with Mosaic on campus. We are a multicultural group on campus who are similar to Admission Ambassadors, but we go beyond by hosting students of diverse backgrounds for overnights and help them adjust to the experience in advance by getting in touch with students of their interest. We as a whole Mosaic community cherish the concept of brother/sisterhood and expand on helping each other as a big family.

What is so great about my path of studies?

At Furman, I am creating my own major in Healthcare Informatics and Management. The students who consider this route are going through the Individual Curriculum Program (ICP). This was something that enhanced my reasons to love Furman very much. My major is a combination of Health Sciences, Biology, Business, Mathematics, and Computer Science, and the curriculum follows graduate level courses that will advance the students skills to apply for any health related informatics.

I am so looking forward to where my major takes me in terms of how I can program, interact with patients, and enhance the system of healthcare in a technical basis. Coming to Furman has helped me on my writing skills, programming, and collaborative skills in a research setting.

Outside of Furman?

As much as I love being on campus, I definitely will say that sometimes I do like to explore away from the Campus. I love how beautiful the Greenville Downtown is. Greenville Downtown not only has the places for views and pictures, but it also has great places to eat. My family and I have taken upon ourselves that we will be going to different restaurants every time. Each of the food places are unique and amazing in their own ways.

Other than that, I definitely love going to hike! I first went on my first hike in my freshman year, and it was an amazing experience (minus my muddy shoes). Going on a hike is definitely a self-reflective and peaceful process for me.

In some cases, I go to events held by the group of community friends and family I met at bootcamp in Furman. You will find some of our professors there too! It is great way to start off the day by being competitive in 5:30 am in the morning by beating your professors in crunches. The events held by the community friends and family allows my friends and I to get some home cooked meal and we can help serve in the community as well.

Coming to Furman was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. However, I was able to have a fresh start into adulthood by doing things on my own and networking. Furman has let me ease into a place outside of the one I was raised in and let me create a safe space for the future generations by showing them how I did things.