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Making A Home At Furman

Hi everyone! So I was originally going to make this blog about finding an On-Campus job and work studies at Furman. Then the ending of Mamma Mia made me want to hold off on work-study for a week and talk about how meaningful and important the connections you make through the organizations you join are. I want this to be more than a get involved post because you’ve probably heard a lot about it but not a lot about what these organizations do for people that are in them. This is about the value of having these groups as a support system and a place to be 100% you.

FUSAB at Winter Ball

So as I am in my final year there have been a few times namely, this past weekend with Mamma Mia and early in the Fall Semester with Orientation Staff, where seniors got to say whatever they wanted to say about being apart of the organization. Of course, they become quite emotional and heart-touching, and it made me realize how much of an impact being surrounded by amazing groups of people has on a person. The one singular thing that most people say as they become teary-eyed is that the group of people and the purpose of the organization has made Furman a home for them. The bonds and connections you make over the four years with the people that are older than you in the organization are valuable and help you grow into a better person. The older people have so much to teach you and give to you in ways you wouldn’t think are possible. I say this in a broad way because it can be anything from friendship to advice to skills needed to keep the group functioning and running.


There is also the aspect of welcoming new people into the group. For me especially, this is the part that really makes you realize how passionate you are about being apart of a group. When you welcome new people, you look back on how great your experience has been and try your best to pass that experience onto them, so that they develop the same love and passion you have. The teaching you do, the bonds you create between someone else, and eventually the trust you have in them when your time eventually comes to an end and you leave everything to the next group of individuals.

A Chorus Line Cast

At the end of the day, my message is this: you may at some point feel out of place when you arrive at Furman, and some things may seem unclear, but if you stay true to yourself, follow your heart, and do what you love, you will undoubtedly find a group of people that you connect with and makes this place feels like home, take it from this sentimental senior! Next week, I will touch on work-studies and how to get paid without having to leave campus and having a job that fits around your school schedule!

See ya soon!

-Jaylon Goodwin