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How to Heller!

During my time at Furman, I’ve found that I’ve been poured into by so many people and in so many aspects. I have incredible professors, advisors, friends, peers, and bosses who are constantly giving their time and resources to help me succeed. For me, it seems only fitting that I give back in some way to show my gratitude for all the people pouring into me. One way to easily do that is to get connected with the Heller Service Corps here on campus. Something about the word “corps” makes it seem daunting or intense so I thought I’d tell you about my own experience with Heller and a recent event Heller hosted to show you just how amazing the organization is! 

Personally, I involve myself in the Furman University Dance Marathon, which is an event/sub organization within Heller. This is a fundraising event that raises money for children from the Children’s Miracle Network. Serving for children is something that i have always had a passion for, so when I went to Heller and told them that, they immediately connected me with FUDM! 

But if serving children isn’t your particular area of passion, Heller can connect you with plenty of other areas of service. Heller has connections with local animal shelters, nursing homes and special needs schools! 

One of the most recent Heller events was the Valentine’s Day Dance for Exceptional Adults! This was an event that focussed on serving adults with special needs or other learning disabilities. Savannah Hobbie describes the event best, “This was my first Valentine’s Day Dance and I absolutely loved every minute of it. From the moment the adults and students walked in to the moment they all left, smiles were spread all around. Nothing made me happier than seeing the Furman community join with our exceptional adults and make them feel truly exceptional. This is why I love Heller. Our mission is to serve within the community, to welcome everyone of all capacities, and to produce events and volunteering experiences that will impact groups all around our Greenville community. It is the most positive and selfless organization I know. I am the programs and events director for heller so I got the opportunity to spearhead the planning and execution this event alongside Ms. Nancy (coordinator of Heller), Terryl Cronic (student director of Heller), my three coordinators Caroline Ford, William Douglas, and Katie O’Neal and the rest of the Heller Leadership Team. It was a blast and we were so happy with the outcome!” 

It’s no secret that Heller is an amazing organization and provides the Furman community with incredible opportunities to give back. So..If you ever need someone to go to a Heller Service event with, I’m your girl! -Rosemary Cruse