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Homecoming: A Week of Events

Last updated October 31, 2023

By Monica Seitz

Homecoming is a special time for Furman. Whether you’re a current student, an alumni of 5 years, or 50 years, everyone enjoys coming together on campus to celebrate homecoming. And Furman makes sure to make the weekend one to remember by including many events to celebrate Furman’s legacy!

Week Events!

Furman’s Student Government Council and organizations do a lot to prepare for homecoming weekend which includes many exciting week preparations! Activities include making homecoming floats (or pomping!), chalk artwork competitions, and other events and competitions around campus! For the homecoming floats, our sororities, fraternities, and organizations pair up and spend the week making floats that match the homecoming theme! This is always a fun activity for the organizations to get creative with the theme and work together to make the best float! Organizations also participate in a chalk “mural” competition that also follows the theme!

Our Student Activities Board (Or FUSAB) also plans many events the week of homecoming! Their most known event, HAVOC, occurs all week long. A team of 20 chosen people dress up for a theme, camp out in tents all week, and spend the week raising donations for their charities of choice! (This year’s theme is The Olympics!) FUSAB also plans fun games, raffles, and events all week long. These are some of the few ways in which Furman celebrates the week of homecoming!

Weekend Festivities!

The Homecoming Carnival!

Furman’s first big event of the weekend is their homecoming carnival! The Furman Mall is transformed with homecoming floats, carnival rides and games, live music, food, and a huge bonfire! All of Furman’s alumni are invited to the festivities and to reconnect with current Furman students.

Homecoming Tailgate and Football Game!

On the Saturday of homecoming, Furman hosts the alumni tailgate and reunion village! Furman and its organizations set up tents and food for alumni, faculty, and students to connect! And the home game is always so energizing with decades of Furman graduates there to support.

Homecoming is truly a special time for everyone. It’s a way for Furman students to gain pride in their school and its legacy. And a time for alumni of all generations to come together and celebrate their alma mater with other graduates who will never forget their time at Furman.

We look forward to hosting our annual tailgate this weekend! Access this link for more info:

– Monica ’25