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Choosing Your Major

Last updated February 4, 2020

By Web Admin

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another semester of blogs posts! To start of this new semester and with me finishing up my major in this last semester, I thought it would nice to talk about what I think you should consider when choosing your major!


So when you come to Furman, you most likely have some idea of what you want your major be. This may be because you have a planned career goal, loved the subject in high school and what to take it to the next level , a mixture of both, or there many be a bunch of other factors that influence why you have a major you want to pursue. This is where I come in to say that whatever you want to do will happen. Focus on what you want to learn more about and what you have a genuine interest and thirst to acquire more knowledge about!

What I am really trying to get at is that, in the grand scheme of things your major is more so about what you enjoy and want to study. When you leave, your field of study will be a nice way to leverage yourself in a specific energy but it isn’t the end all., be all. You can do anything with any major! For instance want to go to medical school? It is not mandatory you major in Biology, Health Science, or Chemistry. You can major in something like sociology, communications, or business and still get into medical school as long as you have the proper prerequisites. It doesn’t take a Biology major to be a doctor, BECAUSE everyone pre-med person takes the same pre-requisites for the MCAT regardless of their major. The same goes for something like Law School, you don’t have to major in Politics are anything Law related as long as you do well in your desired field of study and get a decent score on the LSAT you’re good to go! Graduate schools see Biology and Chemistry majors apply to med school all the time. They don’t see as many theatre and religion majors which makes you stand out and that’s the BEST thing possible when it comes to competitive processes like that, you’re breaking the mold while still proving you are qualified.

Being in a major that truly excites you brings you a lot more benefits than being the major you think fits your career path most. Just think when you are in class loving what you learn, you’ll never have to dread doing an assignment or a research paper and the grade you get will come easier. This is definitely not to say that you will never have to study, because studying is important with any major you do, but the enjoyability of it all will be the biggest difference. When you’re able to show that you have done well and were able to master material, as well as excel in other areas like extracurriculars there is little reason why you won’t get to where you’re going.

Moral of the Story: Major in something you enjoy for nothing more than the enjoyment of it. Your grades will reflect it, you will be happier, and you will be prosperous in the end!


By: Jaylon Goodwin