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A Letter to my Freshman Year Self

Dear Freshman Alex, 

Welcome to college! I know how in love you were with Furman the moment you toured it, and now you get to be a real life student here! What a DREAM. These next four years are going to be filled with some of your highest highs and some pretty low lows, friends you’ll have the rest of your life, and unimaginable growth. I know you’re feeling a little bit apprehensive and nervous right now, but here’s the thing, younger Alex. I know it’s all a little bit scary and unknown, but what no one tells you is it’s supposed to feel like this. This is the first step into adulthood, and I know that you can do it. I promise. It won’t always be easy, but your tribe of people you’ll find in college will get you through it.

You’re going to come to Furman knowing no one. But the really underrated reality about this is that you can be whoever you want to be! Although you came in alone, this feeling of loneliness will only last a few days. You are going to find three girls on your hall that will be your lifeline and rock, who will love you unconditionally and always be your number one fan. Your freshman roommate, Quinn, is going to be your other half and you’re going to do literally everything together. You will forever be thankful for these gals & their hearts. The four of you will make the best memories together & keep each other grounded as you start your first year of college.

You’re going to experience a lot of life changes throughout college- some good, some really, really hard to come to terms with. These changes will help you grow into the person you are now, the girl you are so proud to be. Your roommate, best friends, sorority sisters, family, and professors will hold your hand as you navigate a new normal in life and you will learn how to thrive through change- something that scared you so much before coming to Furman. 

You’ll also learn a lot of other miscellaneous advice. Freshman Alex, if you take away anything from this letter, let it be these tips and tricks: get at least 7 hours of sleep if you can help it, go to test reviews and office hours, explore GVL & TR, laugh hard and often, find your favorite on and off campus study spot, stay true to yourself, be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, have meaningful conversations with people, study so hard for your first exam, always start your emails with “Dear _____”, be someone who builds others up, don’t use all of your points the first month of school, be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody, always check the weather in the morning before you leave for class, call Mom, Dad, and Camille and tell them you love them, and most importantly, be oh so proud to call this phenomenal place home. 

Of course, you’ll learn these things for yourself. I hope if anything, this can help you see how phenomenal and special your time is going to be at Furman. One last thing, never wish the time away. Time is such a gift, and I promise you it FLIES. I wouldn’t trade my past two years in college for anything, and I’m so pumped for you to experience it. Welcome to Furman, freshman Alex. I can’t wait for you to fall in love with this place all over again.


Almost junior Alex

If you have any questions or concerns about Furman please reach out to me! My insta is @alexandra_rick ! And as always, Roll Dins!

Have a happy week,