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Mentors on Campus

Throughout my tenure at Furman University, two individuals have served as mentors to me, both in my academic/professional and social life: my academic advisor, Dr. Brent Nelsen, and the Admissions Counselor, Jake Burrus. These two individuals have provided me with invaluable guidance and support as I have navigated my academic and social life at Furman.

My advisor has been a mentor to me in numerous ways. When I first met Dr. Nelsen in my World Politics class my first year, I knew I wanted him to be my advisor. He took an immediate interest in me and took the time to get to know me as an individual. Dr. Nelsen learned about my interests, strengths, and goals for the future. He knows I am from Hilton Head Island, he would send me articles and random things that had nothing to do with class, but knew that I liked. Through a series of conversations, my advisor helped me to identify areas of study and potential career paths that aligned with my passions and talents, providing me with a roadmap for success that has served me well.Brent Nelsen comments on incoming South Carolina Superintendent of Education - News


Beyond helping me to identify my academic and professional goals, Dr. Nelsen has also played an instrumental role in helping me to achieve my goals. He has provided me with guidance on choosing courses that I would never have thought I would take outside my Political Science degree that are instrumental to my passions, identifying internship opportunities in Greenville, and preparing for graduate school applications. Thanks to his guidance, I have been able to pursue new interests and find my favorite class, Personal Finance, and other rewarding courses. I loved taking this class so much that I took more business classes and will end up after graduation in a master’s program for Management. Through our conversations, my advisor has encouraged pushed me to grow and evolve not just as a scholar but as a well-informed person.

Jake Burrus | Furman UniversityIn addition to my advisor, Jake has also served as a mentor. He is someone that I look up to as he emulates the values and beliefs that I strive to live by. He has imparted his wisdom to me by teaching me lessons such as “claim your farts, might as well be proud of it”, “hate is only a fool’s way of misunderstanding”, “be a T shaped man, know a little about a lot and a lot about a little”, “learn to give when you have nothing then when you won’t think when you have everything” and other meaningful lessons. Jake’s unwavering support and belief in my abilities have been a source of strength and inspiration for me over the last four years.

Both Dr. Nelsen and Jake have played instrumental roles in my academic and personal growth throughout my tenure at Furman. From helping me to identify my academic/professional goals and helping me make Furman feel like home has provided me with the tools and resources necessary to achieve those goals. These individuals have provided me with invaluable guidance and support. Their mentorship has helped me to develop the skills and competencies necessary to succeed. I am grateful for their support and belief in my potential. I know that I will carry the lessons and insights I have gained from them with me for the rest of my life.