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My Furman Engaged Research Presentation

Hello everyone,

Furman student adjusting scientific equipment for experiment.


As we progress towards the end of the spring semester, I would like to talk about a major event that takes place on Furman’s campus every year. Furman Engaged is an event where students of various disciplines showcase why Furman is ranked as the top college in South Carolina for Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects. Whether it is presenting on their research, their study away experience, or their internships, students have the opportunity to share their hard work with the Furman community. With this year having been Furman’s 15th year of Furman Engaged, I was able to present my summer research on April 14th, 2023!


During the summer, I had the opportunity to be an undergraduate research fellow for the department of Health Sciences. My research faculty advisor and I, along with a couple of other Furman students, examined the “Effects of Chemotherapy on Mitochondrial Function in Cancer Patients Measured by Near Infrared Resonance Spectroscopy.” As a research student, I conducted patient testing, analyzed data, and familiarized myself with laboratory technologies. Through these learning experiences, I learned how to interact with patients and apply what I learned through my Health Science and Public Health courses. I also learned to collaborate with other students and really understood the value of teamwork. This research experience made me realize how much I enjoy patient interaction and healthcare and ultimately, it solidified my decision to continue a career in healthcare. 

Test subject using stationary bike while Furman students analyze biker's performance.


This experience was made possible by the Summer Research Fellowship. This fellowship awards students with a stipend to engage in research during the summer, and it is a crucial part of The Furman Advantage. That is why there are so many Furman students who participate in undergraduate research and internships that further their education beyond their undergraduate years. For myself and many others, these experiences have been truly meaningful, and I hope one day you will have the opportunity to engage in them as well!


Until next time,