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College is More Than a Degree: Making the Most of My Sophomore Year

My name is Olivia Pearson, and I am a sophomore at Furman this year. I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and have loved getting to explore a new city while being at school – Greenville has so much to offer. I am a Studio Art major with a concentration in film and photography and am fulfilling a Visual Strategies minor.  

Now that you know a little bit about me, I am going to share what I am most excited about for my sophomore year – this year is all about opportunity for me. With this being my second year at Furman, I was excited to return to campus now knowing the ropes! I had an incredible first year, but it is so refreshing to have much fewer unknowns this time around. This has allowed me to even further enjoy my time at Furman. I cannot wait for…

Continuing friendships and building new ones! Coming back to school means reuniting with friends and the opportunity to make new ones. One of my favorite things about Furman is the community. I have met the most amazing people and, because of that, have built the best community for myself. Furman has so much to offer when it comes to our student population. Finding people with all interests and backgrounds is never hard. As a student at Furman, your community will constantly be growing and shifting. Furman provides an ample amount of opportunities to continue to grow your circle.


Getting more involved on campus! As a sophomore, I feel as though I am already more involved in campus activities, clubs, and events than I was during my freshman year. As my time at Furman has continued, I have been able to take more and more time to get involved. Furman takes pride in being so much more than a strictly academic institution. As students, we are provided with so many opportunities to integrate campus activities, club/organizations, and events into our time here. Not a day goes by when there isn’t a list of events happening on campus. Every day here is different, and that is so unique. I am excited to continue pouring time into being apart of things outside the classroom. Between my sorority, the clubs I am apart of, and the events I attend, I have met so many amazing people and been given such fulfilling opportunities.

Attending more Sporting events! As a Furman student, you are quickly integrated into the sports scene here on campus. Furman students show up and show out for sporting events, whether they’re D1, club, or intramural events! I had the best time attending games my freshmen year and am excited to do even more of that my sophomore year. Furman is a tight-knit community, and with that comes having friends, classmates, and peers on all of the academic teams. It is so fun supporting those within and outside your circle!

Making the most of my learning! Each semester holds so many learning opportunities here at Furman, and as one continues to move up in grade levels they can begin to get more and more into what they are passionate about. With having the ability to take a wide variety of GERs along with the required credits for your major, it is so easy to enjoy your schedule. As I said, I am a Studio Art major and this semester alone I am taking three art classes. I am excited to continue diving deeper into my major and enjoying all that I am able to learn about.

Exploring Greenville & all it has to offer! Coming to college for me put me in a new city, one that has so much to offer. Greenville is an amazing city and this year I am excited to continue to get to know it better. Between outdoor activities, sites to see, restaurants to eat at, coffee shops to study at, and places to meet new people, Greenville is a city that I have grown to love.

Finding a balance! I have learned that college is all about balance; it goes far beyond obtaining a degree at the end of your four years. With time moving so fast (I can’t believe I am already a sophomore), I want to make the most of my time here. With so much to be excited about, it is also important to find a balance that is right for yourself. I am excited to soak up the opportunities in front of me while also growing as a person!


It was so great to introduce myself and allow you to get to know me on a deeper level! Make sure you are following the Furman Admissions Instagram… I’ll see you there!


Olivia Pearson