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Student Life Events on Furman’s Campus

The student life at Furman is vibrant- most of our student organizations love putting on events for the Furman community. Personally, I am a big fan of the events that our student activities board, FUSAB, puts on. Of course, being a member of the organization, I realize I might be a little biased. I want to share some of my favorite events from my time at Furman to give you an insight into the fun that we have here at Furman.

The first event that always comes to mind was an event called Sax and Pax. As the name implies, we brought in some phenomenal saxophone music as the backing for a DIY fanny pack booth. Although not the largest event, small events such as Sax and Pax happen every week throughout the school year. I always love the chance to walk to class one day and walk by a booth with a fun opportunity to do something in between my classes. It helped me meet new people and create a few room decorations as well.

Furman students wearing FUSAB shirts

Despite the smaller events, there are a TON of big things to do all around campus. I love the concerts we put on- most recently we brought Briston Maroney and Tinashe, but we previously have had a wide range of artists perform, from Ed Sheeran to Drake to Yung Gravy. There is also our annual tag game. Imagine a classic game of tag from your childhood, but with money as a prize for the top three competitors. Our students love the tag competition- it gets very intense around campus. Students will set up boards of everyone who they know in the game and keep track of everything. It is always so interesting to me to see the different ways people try to win the game.

Furman students at an event on a stage

As you can imagine, our Greek Life organizations love putting on events as well. From philanthropy events to formal weekends in Charleston, you can always find something to do. The event I look forward to the most is always BMOC- Big Man on Campus. One of our sororities hosts this event and the best way to describe it is a male beauty pageant to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. Contestants will present a talent, be asked a few questions, and participate in a group-wide dance. Our panel of judges deliberate and vote to see who the big man on campus is. A ton of students show out to this event every year and it raises thousands of dollars for cancer research every year. Student life is vibrant, active, and the countless events throughout the year means there’s always something fun for students to do on their way to class.