The Greenbelt Community: Furman’s Beautiful Alternative Housing

Furman has taken leaps and bounds towards creating a more sustainable campus-our Shi Institute is a net positive building, after all. The most fun part about this is the Greenbelt Community Engaged Living program. Along our lovely lake path exists sustainable housing for rising sophomores. There are two recently renovated houses for living known as the Cabin and the Cottage. I had the pleasure of frequently visiting both of them, and I can confidently say this housing is the best on campus.

The best housing on campus? That’s a bold take- so why is that the case? First off, all students who live in the Greenbelt Community enroll in a sustainability course that meets every Friday. This class takes students all around Furman- from meditating in the Place of Peace, to group lake walks, to working on our Furman Farm growing herbs and vegetables. Students are able to harvest their crops and use it to make a home cooked meal. I have never had a better salad in my life! In addition to the course, students also pledge to live a more sustainable life. Some of my closest friends discovered a love for sustainability during their time in the Greenbelt Community and are now sustainability science majors.

The sustainability course was a pleasure in and of itself, but the living space is the highlight of it all. Using sunlight as the main form of lighting, the Greenbelt Community features a full kitchen, stocked with an impressive convection oven and fridges with built-in water filters. It also features two suite-style bathrooms and a washer and dryer. My favorite part about it was the outdoor classroom, which is within the Furman Farm. I have fond memories of hanging out in hammocks playing Paranoia, hosting mini book clubs, or even planning student events in the outdoor classroom.

The Greenbelt community is not only functional, but it is beautiful as well. Situated right next to the Furman Bell tower, every sunset and sunrise at the Cabin/Cottage is breathtaking. Behind the living space is the Furman farm and a small field of flowers perfect for picking and turning into home decorations. Lake walks are nothing short of frequent, as it is a short walk from the Furman Reflection Pond. Functional, beautiful, and enjoyable, the Greenbelt Engaged living is the housing I recommend all rising sophomores should apply to- you will not regret it!