Wreaking HAVOC

Are you competitive? Dedicated to fundraising? Wanting to meet new people? If so, HAVOC is the competition for you!

HAVOC is an annual competition put on by our Student Activities Board (FUSAB). Think CBS Survivor or The Amazing Race. HAVOC is Furman’s very own reality TV show! 20 students from across campus are selected to compete and fundraise for an organization of their choice throughout homecoming week. I was chosen to compete in HAVOC this past year, and it is by far my favorite Furman tradition!

In HAVOC, every competitor has to dress up in a costume. This past year we had to dress up in fairy tale costumes since the homecoming theme was medieval!

How the competition works: 

Rule #1: All HAVOCers must raise as much money AS POSSIBLE for their charity. You can do this in a variety of ways. HAVOCers did bake sales, artwork giveaways, and one even shaved his head for every donation! Creativity is key to getting $$$.

Rule #2: All HAVOCers must LIVE OUTSIDE in a tent on Milford Mall. HAVOCers are not allowed to enter their rooms or a residence hall until they are eliminated. That means, you guessed it, you will be sleeping outside all week!

Rule #3: All HAVOCers must compete in challenges throughout the week that can earn them extra money toward their total fundraising amount. These challenges range from scavenger hunts to complex puzzles to archery!

The HAVOCers who earn the least amount of money are eliminated each day. This is a timeline of eliminations:

Day 1: 20 HAVOCers left

Day 2: 17 HAVOCers left

Day 3: 13 HAVOCers left

Day 4: 8 HAVOCers left

Day 5: Final 5 HAVOCers

Day 6 (Finale): Final 3 HAVOCers

HAVOCers who make it to the Finale and raise the most money receive a cash prize!

  • 1st place: $1,000 dollars 
  • 2nd place: $500 dollars 
  • 3rd place: $3oo dollars

While I did not make it to the Finale… HAVOC was still an amazing experience where I met a ton of awesome people and raised over $1,000 dollars for my charity! HAVOC is another way to engage Furman students in the Greater Greenville community, so I highly encourage everyone to do it!

Best wishes to you all,