Why Choose Furman?

Hey, Furman family!

As we approach National Decision Day on May 1, I want to list a few reasons why I chose to attend the amazing university I now call home – Furman! There are many reasons why I decided to enroll at Furman, but I will highlight just a few.

Academic Rigor and Reputation

Furman is ranked as the top university in the state of South Carolina. As a high school senior, I knew I wanted to seek rigor in academics during my undergraduate experience to prepare me for graduate school. Furman provides these opportunities to its students in abundance. The classes are challenging, yet rewarding and impactful. The class sizes are also small, allowing for intimate connections to form with not only your classmates, but also your professors. The Malone Center for Career Engagement works with students seeking internships or job placement after graduation. The Rinker Center for Study Away has a plethora of opportunities for MayX or semester-long study away programs for students seekingĀ an adventure. The opportunities at Furman are truly unique and plentiful!

Small School Environment

I have attended small schools my entire life. I love the feeling of a tight knit community. If you also want to attend a smaller college, Furman fits the bill! The undergraduate student population is approximately 2,700 students and there are around 300 graduate students. Whether I am taking a walk around the lake on a sunny day, grabbing food in the Dining Hall or P-Den, or walking in between my classes, I always see a familiar face. I was not interested in attending a school where I was one student in a sea of thousands. My professors all know me by my name, and I always bump into a friend when I walking on campus. The relationships I have formed at Furman have been the closest and most meaningful in my life. I am deeply appreciative of Furman’s small size because it has allowed me to build friendships with so many students who are both younger and older than me.

Campus Setting

Furman is nestled between Travelers Rest and Greenville. The campus is secluded from the outside, creating an idyllic, beautiful, and serene world. There are no busy streets, dangerous intersections, or loud roads. To say the least, Furman’s campus is stunning. Springtime at Furman has been especially wonderful. Having access to walking trails and direct connection to the Swamp Rabbit Trail are also huge advantages. I also love all of my aviary friends I see nearly every day: swans, geese, ducks, and songbirds populate the campus with their presence. However, whenever you need a break from campus, TR or downtown is just a hop, skip, and jump away!

Purple also happens to be my favorite color. Wearing purple everyday is just one of many more perks of going to Furman! Coming to Furman has been the best decision I have ever made. I look forward to the next two years I have at this wonderful school creating memories that will last long after I graduate.


Ashlynne Culpepper

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Why Choose Furman?

Hey, Furman family! As we approach National Decision Day on May 1, I want to list a few reasons why I chose to attend the amazing university I now call home - Furman! There are...

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