Life as a Kappa Delta!

Hi! My name is Olivia Pearson and I am a freshman here at Furman University. I currently have a little over 4 weeks left in my freshman year here at Furman and wanted to talk about something that made my freshman year soo special: Greek Life!

Greek life at Furman is made up of sororities and fraternities that accept new members each spring. Before coming to college I had heard so much about what Greek Life was, but that information was a melting pool about what Greek Life looked like at a range of universities. It wasn’t until I came to Furman and learned what was different about Greek Life here that I was sold that I wanted to be a part of.

I quickly learned that Greek Life at Furman was not a necessary part of your experience but rather something that may enhance your experience. Throughout each fall semester, Furman’s different Greek Life chapters hold events to get those interested in becoming a part a better understanding of what each chapter stands and works for. This is when I first became interested in Kappa Delta. I quickly connected with the current members and enjoyed all the events they hosted. The fall semester is a time for you to get to know different chapters and those within those chapters. You will attend pop-ins, Panhellenic meetings, meal dates, etc. These events will help familiarize you with each chapter and get you ready for rush!

Rush is held in the spring here at Furman and is a 3-day whirlwind and the following day is bid day. This is the day you open your bid letter and run home to your new sorority or fraternity. This is the day I ran home to Kappa Delta!

Bid day is filled with many amazing memories and is the beginning of your journey with your new family. I was so excited to be a Kappa Delta and began working my way to becoming an initiated member. I was currently considered a “new member” and had to go through a new member process which only lasted a few weeks. After a short time, I went through initiation and was officially a Kappa Delta!

Life as a Kappa Delta is filled with new friends, experiences, and opportunities. Throughout rush and becoming a Kappa Delta I met so many amazing women who have become life-long friends. Now cannot walk anywhere on campus without seeing a familiar face! My schedule overflows with events and opportunities that keep me busy and allow me to work towards my future.

I could not recommend exploring Greek Life more! Whether you think it is for you or not, allowing yourself to meet new people and learn new things is always a good idea 🙂

Please reach out if you have any question about Greek Life or my experience going through the process of becoming a member!

With love,

Olivia Pearson

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