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The importance of women empowerment on a college campus 

Heyy Furman fam – it’s Mia again,

In honor of Women’s History Month, I decided to write a piece on women’s empowerment with a few references to events and organizations on campus that promote women’s empowerment.

Women empowerment is our sense of self-worth, ability to determine our choices, and even our right to determine social change. In a collegiate setting, we’re all still working towards finding our individual purpose. Women empowerment is important because it gives women the confidence and skills necessary to stand up for themselves and others. At Furman, women’s empowerment can be seen all across campus from events to clubs and organizations that promote women empowerment! So now I know you’re probably wondering what are they and how can you get involved? Below I’ve listed some fun events and clubs that can help you get involved in women empowerment groups on campus.

The first set of groups that I think promote women empowerment are sororities.

Furman is home to 8 national sororities:

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha 
  • Alpha Delta Pi
  • Chi Omega
  • Delta Delta Delta
  • Delta Gamma
  • Kappa Delta
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma
  • Zeta Tau Alpha

A sorority is an organization on a college campus whose purpose is to foster friendship and community. Sororities create a sisterhood between supportive women. This bond ultimately promotes an improvement in confidence, friendships, grades, and decision-making skills. If you’re into building close familial-like bonds, then you should definitely join a sorority!

The 2nd organization I’ll be highlighting is Chaarge.  Chaarge is a female-led organization on campus that promotes sisterhood through working out. By creating these bonds through exercise, Chaarge promotes healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors while also promoting women’s empowerment. If you love working out or you plan on starting soon Chaarge is the organization for you!

The last event that I’ll be highlighting is PAC in Pink. The PAC is the Physical Activities Center on campus and PAC in pink is an event created by SGA rep, Meredith Ervin. For that night the PAC is decorated

in pink and it’s exclusive to girls. There are cool different workshops and it’s a great way to meet new people on campus while working out. If you’d like to see how exciting it is you should definitely follow @furmansga on Instagram to stay updated on when the next event takes place!

Thanks for the read,