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Spring Break… Best Break

It would take a lot of convincing for someone to tell me that spring break isn’t the best break of the year. It comes at the perfect time of the semester – right when you’re tired from all the classes, it starts to warm up outside, and you just want to get away for a few days!

Everyone starts planning the most fun trips with their friends whether it’s a week at the lake, a beach nearby, driving all the way down to Florida, or who knows maybe even leave the country! It’s so much fun to see where everyone goes, and all the different ways people relax. Even just going back to your house for the week is the perfect “reset” you need in the middle of the semester to find motivation to keep going.

Greenville is in such a nice location that you have so many different options for spring break. There are a ton of different lakes all within an hour drive, so many beaches in Charleston and along the coast of South Carolina, and even more areas you can drive to that might be a little warmer down in Florida.

A lot of students will take this week to spend time with their family, and that’s exactly what I did last year. We spent a few days at a beach house and let me just say that some time away from campus and everything else is exactly what you need at some points of the semester.

Taking trips with all your best friends over spring break is one of the most exciting things to do during college! These trips are when so many memories are made and there are no cares in the world because you don’t have to think about class or meetings for a whole week. This year I’m taking a trip to the Dominican Republic with some of my closest friends, so we are going all out for a much-needed break.


If you ever need recommendations for places around Greenville to go for a spring break getaway, always reach out! Here’s to looking forward to one of the best weeks of the year!

All the love,