Looking Towards My Future as a Social Media Intern

My name is Olivia Pearson, I am a freshman here at Furman University and today I am going to give you an inside look at Furman’s on-campus resources for students!

Here at Furman, we as students are provided with an immense amount of professional development tools. We have several centers here on campus that focus solely on students’ life after college – such as the Malone Center, Strengths Development out of the Shucker Office, career treks, and the Cothran Center. Alongside these resources, there are on-campus jobs and internships for almost every department. Being a freshman here at Furman, I am not currently finalizing a resume or planning to apply for future jobs, but I am working to occupy positions that will better assist me in solidifying my desires for my future. I am double majoring in studio art and communications and within my first week here at Furman, I attended a student involvement fair where I found out about the Office of Admissions and all they have to offer. While at the Admissions table, I was introduced to the many student-led positions they have, internships both paid and unpaid. Throughout high school, I worked and played within the world of social media marketing. Over time, it became something I may want to pursue in my future. While talking to current Admissions employees they expressed their desire for students, like me, to come aboard their team and work as Social Media Ambassadors. Without knowing too much further information I had already applied, I was so excited for this opportunity! Within a few weeks, I was accepted into the job and started working.

On-campus jobs are designed for students. They understand your work and social load and walk alongside you to make sure you are doing something that in the long run will benefit you. These jobs are shaped to be resume-ready and provide so much more than a prior position. These jobs are students’ step stones for their future. I work four hours each week and help assist the Admissions team with blogs such as this one and Instagram takeovers. This job has taught me so much and given me the opportunity to enjoy parts of Furman that I would have never known about. No matter what your passion or interests are, Furman has something for you!

If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to reach out,

-Olivia Pearson

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