DINS to WIN this week!

Hi Friends and Future Paladins!

This week, there’s a lot going on at Furman–from Valentines Day, to events for Black History Month, to athletics events! Our athletics teams are giving it their all this week, with a total of 9 games/matches total! So, I figured I’d let you all know a little about Furman athletics in general, our student body’s school spirit, and the athletics events to come this week…


Furman Athletics

NCAA Division I Sports

Though I’m not an athlete at Furman, I do know a thing or two about the amazing teams and coaches that make up Furman Athletics! We have 18 NCAA Division I sports, ranging from golf and tennis to basketball and football. If you’d like a list of our sports and more specific information about each team–including their schedule, roster, and record–please use THIS LINK to the Furman Paladins website!

Club Sports ⬦

In addition to our 18 Division I sports, Furman students can join club teams! These teams are great for anyone who wants the strenuous competition and exercise that they knew in K-12. Right now, there are about 21 club teams at Furman, ranging from badminton and equestrian to rugby and volleyball. Some of these teams require you to try out, but others are open to all students; and, some have multiple teams depending on your experience and skill level. Many club teams travel and compete with other schools in South Carolina or around the United States. For example, club tennis traveled to the University of South Carolina (USC) this past weekend to compete against various schools in the area. So, club sports offer an opportunity to form a team, compete, and have some fun with your fellow Furman students!

Intramural Sports ⬦

If Division I or Club sports sound like a little more than you’re looking for, don’t worry! We also have numerous intramural sports at Furman. We like to say that intramural is the most stress-free and easy-going areas of sports on campus. Anyone–a group of friends, a residence building, an organization, or other–can make a team, and your team were Furman students! Right now, there are 12 intramural sports categories, ranging from pickleball and bowling to flag football and sand volleyball!

Intramural sports can get competitive, but it’s okay if you’re a beginner or have no idea what you’re doing! Whether you’re competing in a tournament or having a pickup game, you’re sure to have some fun. For example, Greek Life at Furman hosts various tournaments for intramural sports. Each sorority will make a soccer team to compete against the others! Another example is teams made up of hallways. Many students will create teams using all the people on their residence hall and compete against other halls; this happened with dodgeball my freshman year! Overall, it’s so fun to join an intramural team to support your organization or get some exercise with friends.

Follow THIS LINK to the Furman Website to learn more about Intramural and Club Sports at FU!

Sports and Spirit ⬦

Because Furman is a smaller school, everyone is friends with the athletes! Athletes live in the same buildings, eat in the same dining halls, and attend the same classes as everyone else; this makes the sense of community at Furman stronger and more connected! They’re not just athletes or campus figures to us, they’re our biology partners, neighbors, and fellow students! We pride ourselves on being able to cheer on our best friends from the sidelines. And, it’s nice to congratulate them on winning a game/match or give them a little grief when they don’t have their best game! Overall, the Furman study body loves attending athletics games–whether it be tailgating at football games in the fall or hitting the green with the golf teams in their spring season! Each and every team is valued, loved, and supported. And, as always, we say “GO DINS.” And, ALL STUDENTS get to attend Furman athletics events at no extra cost; just sign up and show up!

What’s This Week?

Sports Schedule This Week!

This week, there is a lot to see from Furman Athletics. Women’s golf attends The Show at Spanish Trail at the beginning of this week, women’s lacrosse takes on North Carolina at Chapel Hill mid-week, softball has a double-header against South Dakota and Saint Francis on Thursday, and men’s tennis closes the week with a match against Lipscomb.

Also, our Paladin basketball teams have their last home games of the year at the end of this week! Women’s basketball takes on Samford on Thursday, and men’s basketball takes on Wofford (our rival team!) on Saturday. These are sure to be amazing games to close out the basketball teams’ home seasons. Not to mention, Furman students are pumped to see the Paladins take on the Terriers (and win!).


Reach out to me with any questions or if you just want to chat! I’d love to get to know you!

Have a great week. And, as always, GO DINS!

— Logan Coffee

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