A shopping list…but for your dorm!

Ah yes, the infamous crisis of what to bring to college. To be honest, there’s not a clear cut list of what you need to have a successful college experience. Everyone’s list is completely relative to them. However, these are a few necessities that I would recommend bringing specific to Furman:

Shoe rack:

  • It is easy to get disorganized, especially as a Furman student where you’re constantly running around. With a shoe rack, you can organize your shoes so their easily accessible and scattered around in your dorm!


  • While the air conditioning in the halls are pretty reliable, having an additional fan can help a lot. This is especially true if you are someone who prefers your room constantly cold; fall and spring can get pretty warm!

Big trash can:

  • South Housing does not have hall trash cans, except for the ones in the bathrooms that are strictly for paper towels. The closest trash cans are the garbage bins outside beside Blackwell. Therefore, have a big trashcan that will hold a good amount, so you don’t have to take your trash out multiple times a week!

Storage Containers:

  • You are going to acquire SO much stuff at Furman, especially from clubs and Greek organizations. While South Housing dorms have a lot of storage space, you are going to need additional space for all those extra belongings.


  • This one is for my short people coming to college. While most Soho beds (not lofted) are not that high, it can still take some effort to get on them if you are shorter. Many of my shorter friends prefer having something to get on their bed. An ottoman is a great option is you especially need more storage!

Other things:

  1. A Speaker
  2. Command strips
  3. Phone wallet
  4. Extension cord (with surge protector)
  5. Scissors
  6. Decorations
  7. Full-length Mirror
  8. Snacks

There’s no ideal list of what to bring to college, but these are all things I would recommend for a positive acclimation to Furman.

As always, hit me up with any questions!

Have a great February,


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