Here Comes the Spring!

I used to have a love hate relationship with January and February because of the cold and holiday season had ended. Being at college though makes these months feel so different! When you think about all the excitement that second semester holds though, it gets better by the day. January as a college student is already so much better than before – you start off by reuniting with all of your best friends that you haven’t seen since before break, and if you choose to go through sorority or fraternity recruitment, then you start off the semester with one of the craziest weeks. I had so much fun with recruitment this past year! You spend so much time with the people in your chapter that it’s really such a bonding experience too. You meet so many new people and even if you don’t find a home in the same sorority, these are still people you can build deeper friendships with! Recruitment was the best week because I grew so much closer to people I already knew and loved while also finding some amazing new freshman to welcome into our chapter.

There are so many different things to look forward to in the spring, but I would say my favorites are the functions. Sororities and fraternities have a ton of different events throughout second semester so there’s always something new happening every weekend. It’s so fun to go with your friends and enjoy the events planned.

Spring concert is always one of the best nights of the semester! The whole campus gets so excited when the artist is finally announced, and it’s always packed. How could you not love a big concert that happens literally right on campus? This year’s concert is going to be even bigger than years past, so it’s especially exciting!!

Another fun part of the spring is all of the sporting events that are going to happen. I’m so excited to go cheer on all of my friends at their games and finally get to watch them do what they love! Basketball season is one of the biggest sports that the whole campus gets behind. The games will have themes sometimes and Furman Basketball is always one to look out for.

April and May are probably my favorite time of the semester because it’s finally warm outside and the flowers are blooming. Campus always feels especially beautiful around this time, and everyone is outside whether they’re doing homework, playing sports, or just enjoying the fresh air. Greenville is also close to some lakes so when the weather is perfect, it’s so easy to take a quick day trip to the lake on a weekend or day off!

Here’s to the best second semester!!

All the love!