Eating on a Meal Plan: How it Works

Each year at Furman University you will purchase a meal plan as part of your tuition. Simply a meal plan looks like this:

But what does all of that mean? Ill break it down for you…

  • Each board swipe gives you one meal in the “DH” our dining hall. The DH serves American, Italian, International, Vegan, and Gluten free cuisine along with our self-serve options such as the salad bar, panini making station, cereal bar, bagel/ waffle station and other rotational options! 
  • Each exchange is a meal exchange that you can use at our restaurants around campus. Furman has Chick-Fil-A, Moe’s, Sushi with Gusto’s, Bread & Bowl, and our very own restaurant the Paddock. Each of these restaurants have a specific menu with meals that qualify for these meal exchanges.

  • Bonus meals are used for campus guests. When we have visitors on campus they are welcome to join us in our dining facilities and we are given these extra swipes to cover their meals.

A lunch service in the Furman Dining Hall. August 2020. - Furman News

  • Lastly, are food points. Each food point translates to a dollar that you can spend at any of the campus restaurants, the Library Cafe, or the campus Starbucks.

Furman Bubble Not Immune to Nationwide Staffing Shortage - The Paladin

Your freshman year you have the unlimited meal plan, which gives you all the meal swipes, meal exchanges, and food points you could need and more! The majority of your meals will be in the DH, but a meal or two a week at our campus restaurants never hurt anybody! I typically use my food points for my morning coffee from Starbucks or a bagel at the Library Cafe. Furman provides us at students with a variety if options for each meal so you don’t have to have the same meal twice… unless you want to!

I remember not completely knowing what living on a meal plan was going to be like before arriving on campus. I was always worried I would run out of swipes, exchanges, or money but in reality you are given more than enough to get you through the semester. And if for some reason you run low on anything you are able to replenish whatever is needed! Living on a meal plan gives you more freedom than you think and with the amazing food we have here at Furman is it easy.

As always if you guys have any questions do not be afraid to reach out !!

Talk to you guys next week 🙂


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