My Furman Packing List

Freshman Year Packing List

This me on freshman year move-in day!

So you’ve been accepted to your dream school. You’ve paid your deposit, posted an Instagram picture, and now the countdown begins to your freshman year move-in day. This can be a super exciting but also an incredibly overwhelming process — packing up 18 years of life into the back of your SUV is never an easy task. But, here is a list of must-have items for on-campus life here at Furman!

Rain Gear 

It’s South Carolina — it rains a lot! Be sure to pack a small umbrella to keep in your backpack at all times. Rain boots and a rain coat are also great items to have for those rainy mornings when you walk to class.

An Ottoman

Most people will end up lofting or raising their beds in their freshman dorms to maximize their storage space, and if you’re a shortie like me, hopping onto the bed can be a challenge. I highly recommend packing an ottoman than can double as a step stool on to your bed as well as extra storage!

Hand-held Vacuum 

College kids are messy, and if you’re like me, late night snacking is apart of your personality. You will need a small hand-held vacuum to clean all the nooks and crannies of your room while also being small and easy to store.


While you will have an unlimited meal plan freshman year, on those nights when you’re in your room studying late, you will want to make sure you have an assortment of tasty, non-perishable snack options at your disposal. Some of my favorites include — popcorn, Cheez-its, Pringles, Easy Mac, and ramen (of course).

Lots of Command Strips

Decorating your dorm is such a fun part of freshman move-in! Be sure to pack tons of command strips so you can safely hang up and take down all of your pictures, posters, or tapestries! Pro tip — hang a command hook right next to your door, so you never lose your keys!

Your Favorite Sweatshirt

And all your sweatshirts while you’re at it! While there will be a few occasions when you will dress up for the class, for the most part the attire is comfy casual — so lots of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and athleisure. South Carolina weather can be deceiving with chilly mornings and warm afternoons, so it is always best to have sweatshirt you can layer with to stay cozy all day long!

Your favorite Reusable Water bottle

Staying hydrated is a must in college, so don’t forget to pack your favorite water bottle. It will become your daily best friend throughout the week! Pro tip — fill it up when you are in the Dining Hall or Pden (coldest water on campus)!

Mattress Topper 

It’s no secret that the university provided twin XL mattress isn’t the coziest sleep arrangement in the world. So, a mattress topper is a great investment, and they are so easy to find on Amazon. A mattress topper will take your naps to a whole new level!


My car on move-in day!

Whether you’re having to watch a video for class, watching late night Netflix from your dorm, or just listening to music walking to class — headphones are a must! Also an easy way to be courteous to your roommate or those studying around you.

Obviously you’ll be packing many more items than the ones I have listed here, but this is a great way to start! And remember — with all the fun festivities Furman has to offer, you won’t be in your dorm all that often anyways, so pack light & if you forget anything, buy it on amazon!


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