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Not So Broke College Students

I know we’ve all heard about “broke college kids” and trust me, that can definitely be the reality. It’s difficult to budget your money and make time for a job while balancing all of the schoolwork and extracurriculars. Especially if your friends always go out to eat or do activities off campus, it can be challenging to spend money all the time. Luckily, we have so many different on campus job options at Furman that aren’t too big of a time commitment! There are so many different options, but here are just a few of the most common.

IT Services Student Worker

If you’re really good with electronics and troubleshooting issues, this is the place for you. These students are so helpful and always know what to do whether it’s just installing virus protecting software, connecting you to the campus Wi-Fi, or saving a document on a crashed computer. This is a pretty laid-back job where you just help students that come to you. These people are always so smart and helpful with all your technological needs. You might remember, Claudia works here and told her perspective on this job in her own blog 🙂

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is so beneficial on both ends! The students receiving tutoring get to learn from a student that took the same class previously and received an A. You gain so much valuable insight and so many students notice a huge improvement in their grades. The students that work as peer tutors get paid for their services and it’s a great way to share your knowledge.

Library Desk Worker

This is one of the most common jobs that students take advantage of and it’s very simple. You sit at the desks in the libraries we have on campus and help any students who have questions. Sometimes there is not too much that needs to be done so a lot of the workers will take this opportunity to get some of their schoolwork done or read books. It’s so nice to work in a quiet area where you can see your friends that come to the library, make some extra money, and maybe get your homework done as well.

PAC Student Worker

The PAC, Physical Activities Center, is always looking for students to help. These people keep the gym organized, clean the equipment, and other daily tasks to keep the PAC running. It always seems like a fun job where you get to socialize with people in the gym and other employees. They also pick the music playing in the PAC a majority of the time, so I think it’s so fun to see who’s working based on the music.

Trone Student Center Desk Worker

Our student center has a main desk that is so helpful with any kind of needs you might have. They can direct you where to go for certain offices or help you rent out small items for events like extension cords. This is another job where you sit behind the desk and help anyone who needs anything, but it’s very laid back most of the time.

Resident Assistant

This is one of the most important jobs in my opinion because our living accommodations could not function without them! The resident’s assistants, or RA’s, work so hard to make sure everyone living on their hall or in the building has a great year. They organize different events, decorate the halls, and keep everything in order.

Admissions Office

This one is my favorite, but I’m clearly biased… There are so many different opportunities to work with the admissions office whether it is as an admissions ambassador giving tours or a social media intern. I’m currently working with the admissions office through both of these programs. My training as an ambassador just ended so I’m officially giving tours on my own! It’s so much fun and I love getting to talk about my Furman experience to prospective students. As a social media intern, I do takeovers on the admissions Instagram, write weekly blog posts – just like this one – and work on other projects that promote Furman through social media. It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve gotten involved in on campus and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

There are so many different ways to make some extra cash through on campus jobs. It’s a great way to spend your free time and hold yourself accountable! Having a small income every other week through my jobs with the Admissions Office have made my time at Furman so much more manageable. No matter what job you’re interested in, I always think it’s a great thing to take advantage of!

All the love!