A Very Happy HalloWEEK

Holidays in college are one of my favorite things because everyone is so happy and excited all around campus. You get a change from the typical family traditions – don’t get me wrong, I love those too – but now you get to do all the celebrations with your friends! Halloween is the first big holiday we have during the school year and especially as a freshman, it feels so weird to be experiencing it in a new place. There is so much happening during the week, but that just makes it even more interesting. The best part though is when you can bring all your favorite things about a holiday with you to college and maybe even introduce your friends to some of your favorite traditions!

This year, my friends and I were so excited for Halloween because it gave us a change of pace from the everyday schedules we were used to. We wanted to do small things throughout the week to get us in the “spooky-spirit” and it ended up being so much fun. We drove to the Publix by campus, picked out some pumpkins, bought a knife and a spoon, and found a spot right outside our dorms. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a few years, so as you could imagine I was so excited to get to do it with my friends. I used to do it every year with my family, but one of my friends at Furman had never done it before – weirdo, I know. We got to show her all the in’s and out’s of pumpkin carving and by the end she was a pro.


We scooped out all the pumpkin seeds and obviously had to cook somewhere. The North Village apartments have kitchens, so we were able to take all the seeds over to our friend’s apartment and cook them the way we always would at home. It’s so fun to hear about how everyone’s families cook the seeds differently and we actually got to show each other how to do it. We also watched a scary movie later in the week, not my favorite, but it’s Hallo-week so there’s no other option.

A ton of organizations put on events around campus too. FUOC, Furman University Outdoor Club, got a ton of pumpkins and hosted a pumpkin carving event. There were also random things I would see while walking around campus with Halloween themed giveaways or food.









Of course, you can’t forget about the best part of the week – costumes with your friends! You really have the option to dress up as whatever you want and put however much effort you want into a costume. Some people will just wear a basketball jersey and call it a day, or you’ll see people with wigs and paint all over their face. It’s really just such a fun week where you get to enjoy everything with your friends and it’s the best!!

All the love!


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