13 Things To Do Before The End Of 13th Grade

Hey guys, I am back this week with a bucket list! I’ve racked my brain and gone through all of my photos from freshman year to compile this list of must-dos before the end of your 13th grade, otherwise known as freshman year. So in no particular order, here are some of the top 13 things to do your freshman year of college! 

  1. Attend CLPs 
    • CLPs, or Cultural Life Programs, are events held throughout the year that provide enriching cultural experiences in order to help broaden your horizons as a student at a liberal arts institution. Furman Students are required to attend at least 32 CLPs by the end of their time at Furman. As a freshman, I highly encourage going to as many as you can! Not only will it help you knock out the requirement, but it’s a great opportunity to check out what different departments are up to as they often bring in speakers and host a variety of events.
  1. Try a sport
    • While not everyone who played a sport in high school decides to become a student-athlete, it doesn’t mean your sports career has to end once you get to college. Furman offers club sports and intramural sports in a variety of different sports such as soccer, volleyball, and lacrosse. Many of my friends who are in these organizations feel like it’s a great way to still play the sport they love, stay in shape, and meet other people who share the same interest!
  2. Attend a sports event
    • As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, besides academics, freshman year is all about meeting new people, trying new things, and having fun. Going with new friends, may it be a classmate or someone from your hall, to a sporting event is a great way to get involved with the Furman community. Oftentimes, they give out T-shirts, stickers, and other fun knick-knacks to students who come out and support our student athletes.
  3. Workout Class in the PAC
    • As a freshman, the PAC, or Physical Activities Center, can seem like a daunting place, especially if you’re new to the gym scene. A great way to get acquainted with the PAC and its’ facilities is to take advantage of the workout classes Furman offers. They are often student-led and include some classes such as yoga, cycling, and Zumba!
  4. DH Thanksgiving
    •  DH Thanksgiving Dinner is a must and unlike any of the other dinners they serve. Before Thanksgiving break, they pull out all the stops and serve so many of the Thanksgiving classics: mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, mac and cheese, and more! So many students show up to all enjoy a yummy holiday dinner before a couple days off of school, so I highly recommend making DH Thanksgiving a priority.
  5. Go to a FUSAB event
    • FUSAB is our student activities board. They’re responsible for planning fun events for students throughout the school year. FUSAB plans a bunch of events including HAVOC, our spring concert, winter ball, and other smaller events such as a low country boil. The events are so much fun, free of charge, and open to all students, so I highly recommend taking advantage of all the pop-ups and events that take place. Below is a picture of me and my friends at the Masquerade themed winter ball that FUSAB hosted!
      Back to School Carnival
    • The night before classes start, Furman hosts an annual back-to-school carnival with classic carnival rides and attractions and yummy treats. The energy is great as so many students show up to enjoy the carnival and everyone’s so excited for the start of a new school year. It is one of my favorite Furman traditions as it’s an opportunity for the new freshman to mingle with the rest of the students in a casual, fun environment.
  6. Check out some Furman favorites
    • There are some restaurants in the Greenville and Traveler’s Rest area that have become popular among Furman students. These are places that you’ll hear other students recommend and always rave about. Some of them include Sidewall Pizza, Sushi Yama, Tandem Creperie, and Swamp Rabbit Cafe. There are so many more, but if I had to recommend a specific few to be sure you try during freshman year, those would be it!
  7. Try out Swamp Rabbit trail
    • The Swamp Rabbit 22-mile trail that is accessible by the Furman Lake. It spans from Downtown Greenville, past Furman, all the way down to Traveler’s Rest. It’s a popular trail for biking, running, walking, etc. Many of my friends take advantage of the trail and make a trip out of it by biking on the trail to get to different restaurants such as Tandem. Exploring the trail and where it leads is a great adventure that lets you explore more of the Greenville community.
  8. Take a class you’re interested in outside of major
    • GERs, or general education requirements, are classes in different areas of studies that students are required to take in order to graduate. There are different topics such as empirical study of the natural world, visual and performing arts, and foreign languages. Whether you already know what you want to major in or have no clue, GERs are a great way to explore new areas of studies and see what other topics you might be interested in.
  9. Try a DH hack
    • There are so many stations in the DH, or Dining Hall, with plenty of options. One of my favorite things about the diversity of food options in the DH have been coming up DH “hacks.” A DH hack involves creating a new dish using components from different stations. One of my favorite is whipping up a bacon, egg, and cheddar bagel sandwich. On Sunday mornings, I make my way to the homestyle station to grab some bacon and cheese slices, then to the Mongolian grill to order an egg, and then finally to the toaster station to toast whatever bagel I am in the mode for. Once I have acquired all my ingredients, I assemble my delicious bagel sandwich and enjoy my DH hack.

11. Take a Lake Walk (+ stop at the Bell Tower!) 

Furman is known for it’s beautiful Bell Tower and surrounding Furman Lake. Lake walks are a staple as a Furman student. Whether you’re going by yourself, with a friend, or meeting with a professor, a lake walk seems to be the cure for everything. It’s quick, it’s relaxing, and it’s a fantastic break from the chaos of classes. My biggest advice is to check out the Bell Tower! There have been countless walks where my friends and I just walk right past it. One day, we decide to just walk all the way to it. It was crazy that we never decided to stop there. The benches have the perfect view of campus and I promise you’ll be amazed at just how big the Tower is in person.

12. Join a Club

College is the time to pursue your interests even further or find new interests all together! Furman has around 150 organizations on campus. From an outdoors club, to an improve group, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. In the odd chance that there is a specific group you can’t find on campus, you can even create your own group by finding other peers who are interested as well.


I hope you guys enjoyed that quick list of fun options/ideas of things to do around campus. As I said before, freshman year is a great opportunity to put yourself out there and try new things. I can’t emphasize enough how saying ‘yes’ to new experiences can lead to meeting new friends, finding new talents, and learning more about yourself!



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