Best Summer Ever!

Best Summer Ever!

This past summer, I had the fabulous opportunity to work and live on campus surrounded by a phenomenal group of coworkers and friends. I worked on Furman’s Campus in the Office of Admissions, and all summer, I was able to show prospective students Furman’s Campus while learning the ins and outs of the college admissions process. Through my on-campus summer internship, I was able to receive housing, a meal plan, and a stipend. Beyond that, I was able to spend the entire summer on-campus surrounded by great people, and it wasn’t long into the internship before all of the Admissions Interns became an inseparable group. All summer, we took advantage of what Greenville had to offer from Greenville Drive Baseball games to karaoke and bowling nights, and of course, no summer would be complete if a few interns were not thrown into the Furman Lake on their birthday. 

Through this internship I was able to make life-long friends and unforgettable memories as well as grow as a professional. I was able to improve my customer service and public speaking skills and showcase the campus that I call home to hundreds of high school students. These are skills and memories that I will be able to carry with me through my years at Furman and beyond.

However, a summer on Furman’s Campus can be whatever you make it. While there are many on-campus internships you can apply for, Furman also has a strong connection with the Greenville area and a variety of off-campus internships. My friend, Jordan Zahora, completed an internship in Downtown Greenville this past summer at HTI where she was able to strengthen her business and communications skills while making her own connections in the Greenville area. Jordan not only completed this summer opportunity, but she was also asked to stay on the HTI team as a fall intern as well.

If internships aren’t exactly what you are looking for, there is another way you can join Furman for the summer! Doing on-campus summer research with a professor is another one of the Furman Advantage’s high impact experiences offered to undergraduates. Summer research is an opportunity for students of all majors from English and History to Chemistry and Biology. My summer roommate, Paige Novota, spent her summer at Furman doing neuroscience research studying the acquisition of PTSD, and through the Furman Summer Fellowship, she was able to receive funding and summer housing to make it all possible. 

Whether you are working an internship or doing research, a summer on Furman’s Campus is sure to be unforgettable. It is an opportunity to make friendships and memories as well as grow in your professional field!

-Claudia Roe

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