Fraternities at Furman

By: Andrew Daphnis

At Furman University, Greek Life looks very different for a university located in the South. On campus, we have four fraternities and seven sororities. With delayed recruitment, Greek organizations wait until the spring semester to add members into its system. I believe that this gives freshmen the opportunity to get to know the fraternities before they commit to joining. More importantly, freshmen have a full semester to focus on everything else that is far more important than Greek Life like academics, friendships, advisor relationships, and the transition to college in general. 

Each fraternity has a different unique identity that makes for a diverse culture of Greek organizations. When I was a freshman at Furman, I thought that joining a fraternity would restrict who I could interact with based on Greek affiliations. I quickly realized that the fraternities have a strong and supportive relationship with one another. The interaction and collaboration between all fraternities is encouraged by the culture that we have built as Furman Paladins. 

This interaction between fraternities is best shown during our football tailgates. All of the fraternities pin up their tents, grills, and speakers all right next to one another. It is one of the best opportunities for the fraternities and all of campus to interact with each other and cheer on our Furman Paladins. The culture of Greek life is definitely unique and reflective of the overall culture of Furman. 

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