Making the Plunge

By: Patrick Carolina II


Senior year is a time that is anticipated by all juniors across the nation. Senior year is a rite of passage that many see as a time to relish the last time doing an activity or attending an institution. I feel like, for many, senior year can be a bittersweet time because you have matured through and endured the experiences along the way. However, this time brings the awareness that a life change is about to happen, and I know for me, big life changes can bring some anxiety.

It seems like I was a bright-eyed freshman that awaited the possibilities and opportunities that Furman offered just yesterday. Now three years later, the time has flown by and my college experience is coming to an end. I am faced with the tough decision of trying to figure out what exactly are my next steps and how I want to begin life!


Leading up to graduation, we all were, are, or going to be posed with a couple of questions like, “are you gonna stay close to home”, “what career are you gonna pursue” or my personal favorite: “what’s next after graduation”? It would be ideal to have a very detailed answer to each of these questions but sometimes, we JUST DON’T KNOW!

For me, these questions are becoming more frequent and are still hard to answer. I feel like I am behind and that I need to figure these things out immediately when I am not able to answer them. In a little more than a year, I will be on my own path. For many students like me, there are endless possibilities and paths we can pursue but I had to ask myself, where do I even begin?


During my junior year, I saw that my resume mostly consisted of music activities, being that I am a music and communications major. I felt that I needed to diversify my resume by joining different groups and participating in different opportunities such as internships and research.

Through the communication studies major and a digital storytelling course, I discovered that I enjoy editing and making different forms of media like videos, podcasts, and photos. This newly found interest led me to join Furman University News Channel or FUNC which is a student-led club that allows students to get experience with broadcasting information both in front and behind the camera.


In addition to joining FUNC, I employed the help of the Malone Center for Career engagement to help me find some more opportunities as well as help build my resume. After one efficient and methodical meeting with Mrs. Diane Iseminger, I had a brand-new resume and two new internship opportunities. The Malone Center also has tests that will help you discover your strengths or interests that you may not have known beforehand.

An assessment like this helps you focus in on a path that best suits you. When I took the strengths test, I didn’t previously think of myself as an activator or a person that initiates tasks. After reading the description and characteristics, I saw how my personality and mannerisms reflected that of an activator. Resources like the Malone Center can be found all over Furman’s Campus.


There are different avenues and ways to get one’s self ready for the big step into life. As I am preparing for this step myself, I can help you prepare by offering a few pieces of advice:

  1. Start Early: Starting to explore these resources and opportunities early will allow you to do more things and have a better understanding of what you may want to do.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Asking questions is sometimes the only way you will find resources or opportunities. Often professors may not just go around advertising all of their different research opportunities. Asking about them however may provide more chances for this.
  3. Have Fun: It’s your senior year and this is probably the last time you will be in this exact environment.

If you follow these three easy steps, you will be able to answer that “what’s next” question with confidence, leaving behind any anxiety and nerves!

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