Furman’s Geography: Greenville

By: Wills Mackay

Life is amazing in Greenville. As a Furman student, I have gained far more from my college experience than I anticipated. Furman’ campus is in such a fantastic small, yet growing city. Consistently ranked as one of America’s top places to visit and to live, Greenville is ideally located with incredible access to mountain, beaches, and a great downtown environment. The variety of activities that are possible within a two-hour radius is extraordinary.

The geography makes it easy to go mountain biking after class or go fly fishing and hiking on the weekends. I had so much fun fishing in the lake right on the front lawn of our Clark Murphy dorm sophomore year! Days like that make studying a lot less stressful. I enjoy having the ability to spend quality time outside.

 The Carolina mountains are on our doorstep, and the beaches are only about three hours away. The weather is also great, with the best of all four seasons represented during the academic year. Life at Furman means life in the Carolinas, and that is something that is extremely special. Coming from Texas, I have really enjoyed the unique geography compared to the flatness I grew up around in my hometown.

The downtown restaurant scene in Greenville is vibrant and full of great food. Trying new restaurants is always a good way to immerse yourself into different cultural experiences. New restaurants pop up often—so I am constantly trying new things!  A few personal favorites of mine include Rocky’s Hot Chicken, Smoke on the Water, and Hall’s Chophouse. Greenville will never disappoint on the food scene!

Being able to combine a first-class education while experiencing the benefits of an interesting and growing city in such a beautiful part of America is an amazing opportunity.  

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