The Physical Activity Center Highlight

By Colin Klaff

The Physical Activity Center, better known as the PAC here on campus, is an amazing space for many different things. It is the home to the gym, swimming pool, basketball courts and even classrooms. The classes that take place here are mainly health and wellness courses. My freshman year wellness courses was one of my favorite classes I’ve taken at Furman because we learned about health and the body, but also how to properly use the equipment in the PAC.

The gym in the PAC is really great because it is two floors full of machines and free weights for lifting as well as plenty of cardio machines. The bottom floor where you enter is mainly the cardio area full of stationary bicycles, row machines, treadmills, and many more. Also on the bottom floor is an area dedicated for floor workouts. Additionally, you’ll find mats, dumbbells and any other thins you would need for a floor workout there.

Upstairs is where the weight lifting area is. Up there, the PAC has 10 squat racks that double as bench presses and many other things too. There are many machines up there for weight lifting activities. There is everything you could need up there to do almost any workout you would want. At the moment, since the upstairs has limited room, only 20 people are allowed up there at the same time due to COVID protocols. I like this safety measure as it helps me feel safer while I work out upstairs.

Then, there is the basketball court and the pool! There are two basketball courts but currently one of them has stationary bikes and treadmills on it to create space for safety measures. I love the basketball courts– I have really enjoyed playing basketball on those courts. It’s also super accessible because basketballs can be checked out for free at the front desk! The pool in the back of the PAC is a really nice lap pool that is a great workout that’s a lot of fun. There is also a therapy pool right there as well which is a really nice place to stretch or do some light swimming.

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