Best Rainy Day Activities at Furman

By Colin Klaff

I’ll be the first to admit, I do not like the rain. I will take a sunny, warm day over a rainy day every time. However, there are some great activities and ways to spend your time during rainy Greenville days. There are two reasons I felt compelled to write this blog. The first is that on the day I am writing this it is pouring rain, the second reason is that during the winter I have experienced many rainy days here at Furman. But, all those rainy days have showed me there are great ways to spend the days with less than ideal weather.

One thing I like, and this is a very obvious one, is to just stay inside. It is always a great excuse when the weather is bad to stay in your dorm room, suite, or apartment and just spend time with your roommates. One of my favorite things has been watching TV, movies or playing video games with my roommates. We usually cook ourselves a meal when we don’t feel like making the trek to the dining hall in the rain, and we will set up a movie or something on the TV and just relax.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, for the more adventurous and active person, going on a rainy hike at Paris Mountain is a fun option. For many, this may sound like it wouldn’t be very fun, but there is something about hiking the rain with your friends that just hits different. Luckily, here at Furman we are just about 10 minutes from Paris Mountain and so the option to hike, no matter what the weather is like, is always available and is always a lot of fun. Of course, you should expect that you will get quite muddy if you take on this endeavor some day, but it is absolutely worth it and a ton of fun.

There are plenty of fun things to do on days with poor weather here– I just wanted to highlight my two most common activities on a rainy day where I have the day free. There is a still a great time to be had even when it rains. I think that’s what is so nice about Furman– a community that enjoys spending quality time with each other, such as my roommates and I, and a location that gives us the ability to create our own fun even when it rains.

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