Hidden Gems Near Furman

Day adventures with friends are always some of the best memories. I know I’m always looking for fun things to do around campus or maybe even “secret spots” that no one really talks about. Some of my favorite places are right by campus and it makes my day so much better to get outside to be with my friends. If you’re ever looking for some of the best places to go near Greenville, these are my favorites I’ve picked up on!

Cedar Falls Park

This one is definitely a secret – not many people I’ve talked to know about it, but it’s such a cute waterfall with easy access. You park and it’s literally about 20 steps away. There’s a small lake area and lots of places you could picnic. The views are absolutely beautiful and it’s such an easy drive. This waterfall is so off-the-grid that it’s the perfect hidden gem to experience. I’ve lived in Greenville my entire life and I had never known of this spot until last year. It’s definitely worth the trip if you’re ever in search of local waterfalls!

Bald Rock

Bald Rock is a Furman classic, but it still feels like a hidden gem. It’s one of my favorite places to go and it’s always so refreshing. The view is amazing any time of day and it’s 100% my all time favorite spot for a picnic. My favorite kind of nights are getting Sidewall pizza to-go and having a picnic at Bald Rock with my friends! Always worth the drive and absolutely never disappoints!!

Paris Mountain

Paris Mountain is so close to Furman and it’s the perfect, quick getaway. Whether you’re in the mood for a hike, to kayak, or just to sit out at a lake, this is the place. I’ve done a few of the hikes and it’s always been so fun. There are lots of picnic tables and areas that people fish, so it’s even fun to just hang out outside. I haven’t gotten the chance to rent kayaks here yet, but it has always looked so much fun! Kayaking is one of my favorite things and it’s so close to Furman so it would be a perfect weekend adventure.

Furman is in such a great place where you have lots of options to get outdoors. My favorite days are always hiking to the best views or just trips to the lake. All of these places are a MUST, but there are so so many more for you to find on your own! Here’s to the best quick outdoor trips! If you ever need someone to go kayaking with… I’m here for ya!

ALL the love!


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