Rating my Meals on Campus!

Chick-fil-a just a few steps away from my dorm room?? YES, please! Furman has some of the best dining options so whether you’re craving some sushi, a chicken sandwich, a stack from Moe’s (HIGHLY recommend), or vegetables and chicken, they’ve got you covered. Our dining hall has different options everyday, but a constant I always count on is the soup and salad bar. The Pden (PalaDen) has a Chick-fil-a, Moe’s, Sushi with Gusto, and other items like salad and pasta salad that you can get. Another option is Bread and Bowl, located at the top of the DH. They make custom sandwiches, pizza, and salad. Basically, whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s all just a few steps away.

Sushi at the Pden

One of my go-to’s is always sushi!! I never used to like sushi, but now it’s one of my favorite foods. There are so many different roll options and they’re all SO good! I always grab the “Chef’s special” and it never disappoints. I would usually rate this meal a solid 9/10.


If you’ve ever had Chick-fil-a, you know it’s the real deal. Having one right on campus is so convenient. Anything from chicken minis and hash browns for breakfast, to a sandwich and fries for lunch – it’s always the perfect option. I could probably eat Chick-fil-a for every meal, but my friends would get so sick of me dragging them there! I’d have to give Chick-fil-a an 8.5/10.


So many of my friends had never heard of Moe’s before coming to Furman which really surprised me. I’ve always thought it was a classic, but if you don’t know what Moe’s is, you’re in for a treat. My favorite order from Moe’s is a stack which is all your favorite toppings stacked between two crunchy shells and wrapped in a tortilla. It’s amazing. Absolutely never disappoints. I also love getting nachos or a bowl from Moe’s, so really there are a lot of different options. Sometimes I’m not the biggest fan of Mexican food, so I would usually give Moe’s an 8/10, but when I’m craving a stack, it’s almost always a 10/10!!

Pro-tip: Get a bowl from Moe’s and it comes with chips. You can make your own nachos and it’s not as messy!!

Dining Hall

The DH always has so many different options. There’s a vegan station, salad bar, or just the usual burger or chicken. Every meal has something different to offer, but the DH will almost always have something appealing. My friends are obsessed with going to the DH for meals, and while I usually like the options at the Pden more, the environment at the DH is amazing. I love sitting in there during common hour while everyone is grabbing lunch and seeing people you know. It’s so sweet to have fun DH dates with different people throughout the week! The best part of any meal though is always the cookie. Even if I would rank my meal sometimes as a 7/10, the cookies are a solid 10/10!!

The cutest DH date!

Obviously these rankings are because of my food preferences but if you asked any of my friends, they would rank the DH higher than just about any other food option. Either way, you can’t go wrong and there’s always a great option for any meal of the day!!

ALL the love!


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